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Where To Sell Items In XCOM 2 & What Items Can You Sell Safely

Where To Sell Items In XCOM 2 & What Items Can You Sell Safely
Every Commander wants the best. Whether you want the best weapons in XCOM 2 or the perfect soldier, you’ll need plenty of Intel and Supplies to help get you there. This guide will tell you where to sell items in XCOM 2 and what items you can sell safely without screwing up your chance to research more powerful weapons and armor.

Where To Sell Items In XCOM 2

You are able to sell practically every item you find in XCOM 2 – whether that be the bullet-riddled corpse of the last alien to cross your path or a rare attachment for a powerful weapon. However, you are not able to sell items instantly as soon as you start the game. Although much of XCOM 2 is generated differently each time you play – such as the weather conditions during a mission the starting area for your resistance, some things remain constant throughout.

One of these constants is the Black Market. After a few basic missions at the start Central will inform you of a nearby contact for the Black Market. This usually always spawns either in the same area as your main base or the one right next door. You have to spend a few days scanning the area before you’re able to access the Black Market but once you have unlocked it you can visit it at any time to sell various items, purchase new members of staff, bolster your ranks of Rookies or exchange items for Intel and Supplies.

What Items Can You Sell Safely In XCOM 2

All of the items you receive in XCOM 2 are useful in one way or another. Many of the drops during missions are weapon attachments that can greatly increase your squads potential in battle while others are the corpses of enemies. These can quickly stack up in your inventory as it’s unclear what uses they have or if you need them later down the line.

The following corpses are used for research. Once you have researched the corpse initially you can sell them from that point forward. You can also skip the time to research entirely at the cost of more corpses. Below is a list of corpses that you can research once and then sell forever – or wait until you have the required number for instant research.

  • ADVENT Shieldbearer – Requires 4 for instant research.
  • ADVENT MEC – Requires 4 for instant research.
  • Muton – Requires 6 for instant research.
  • Sectopod – Requires 6 for instant research.
  • ADVENT Officer – Requires 10 for instant research.
  • ADVENT Turret – Requires 3 for instant research.
  • Andromedon – Requires 5 for instant research.
  • Archon – Requires 5 for instant research.

Below is a list of other corpses that you can obtain after defeating the enemies in battle. However, unlike the list above, these are used to create consumables or rare/single equip items such as Hellweave vests and other armor. If you do not plan on using the item associated with the corpse you can sell them freely knowing you’re not missing out.

  • ADVENT Stun Lancer – Used in Spider Suits
  • Gatekeeper – Alien Psi Amp
  • Chryssalid – Hellweave Vests
  • Sectoid – Mindhield and Advanced Psi Amp
  • Berserker – Overdrive Serum
  • Vipers – Medkits and NanoMedKit
  • ADVENT Trooper – Used in Predator armor, Nanoscale Vests & EXO Suits
  • Faceless – Mimic Beacon

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