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Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 5 Remaster

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 5 Remaster
Yakuza 5 has a ton of valuable items, weapons, and goodies you can buy, find, and sell. This guide explains Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 5 Remaster as unlike traditional RPG games, you cannot simply visit any store to sell your goods. Only specific shops will be open to buying your items.

Yakuza is a beloved franchise. It’s combines a serious story with absolutely insane activities and events. That being said, the buying and selling of items is actually realistic. You wouldn’t walk to your local store and simply try and sell something to the bewildered guy standing behind the checkout.

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 5 Remaster

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 5
Veterans of the Yakuza franchise will already be aware of the selling mechanics of Yakuza 5. It has been the same throughout the franchises history but for new players looking to jump into Kiryu’s adventure for the first time, it can be a little confusing.

Yakuza 5 Remaster has a lot of stores. Some sell healing items, bait, gifts, and a lot more. However, if you want to sell your plates or other items of high value you need to visit a specific store.

Open your map, there is one in each of the major cities. Search your map for Ebisu Pawn Nagasugai, in the first city for example. These are Pawn Shops. These Pawn Shops sell a variety of highly valuable items, they also buy items.

While not the case in all the Yakuza games, the Yakuza 5 Pawn Shops actually allow you to sell your items from your storage. You don’t need to visit your storage and collect all the items you want to sell. You can sell all of the items in your inventory and any items that are also available in your storage.

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