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Where To Spend Datadiscs In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Wondering What To Do With Datadiscs?

Datadiscs is a unique collectible that you can find whilst exploring. In this guide on Where To Spend Datadiscs In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we explain the functions of the Datadiscs and where you can spend them so you can purchase yourself some rare and valuable upgrades as you continue through the game.

There are a few unique currencies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor that can be spent at specific vendors. Much like Priorite Shards and Jedha Scrolls, Datadiscs are rare and valuable items that you can find while exploring the various worlds of the game, represented by a shining icon on the floor that you can pick up. You can find Datadiscs very early in the game but you may not have unlocked the character required to use these discs so the game will just tell you that they have value for a specific vendor.

Where To Spend Datadiscs In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Vendor you need is Zee, which unlocks Zee’s Datadisc Decryption store, which can be found upstairs in the Cantina. If you don’t have Zee or the upstairs locked yet, both are unlocked through story progress very early in the game, so just follow the main story for a short while. Zee is unlocked after completing the first Jedi Chamber, and it then joins you at the Cantina as one of the many characters you can recruit.

Simply head upstairs in the cantina and you can give Zee your Datadiscs in exchange for new songs to be played, some parts for your droid, and some awesome perks. It is worth noting that during some story segments this shop is unavailable so don’t delay on making your purchases if you have the Datadiscs available. It always returns later, but sometimes you want that Perk at the right time.

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