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Where To Spend Friend Tickets In Mobius Final Fantasy

Where To Spend Friend Tickets In Mobius Final Fantasy
Job cards, ability cards, card augment, Mobius Final Fantasy can seem a little confusing at first. This Where To Spend Friend Tickets In Mobius Final Fantasy guide covers one of the many different types of currencies you can collect as you play the game, Friend Tickets. The Friend Tickets are one of the more unique currencies in the game as you cannot actually earn any while you’re playing.

To earn Friend Tickets you must first choose a card that other players can “rent” from you when they start a mission. To do this go to the “Social” menu and then select the “Profile” option. From there you can choose your card, a comment and your Spirit. I chose to use the Song of Life card and as I had it at max level with all skills available, I put the comment as “Max Heal”. As long as you put up a decently powerful card you should easily be able to obtain 10 Friend Tickets whenever you log off for a few hours.

Where To Spend Friend Tickets In Mobius Final Fantasy

When you’ve earned a few Friend Tickets you need to go to the “Shop” menu. From there scroll down and go to the “Summon Cards” menu. This is typically where you spend Summon Tickets and Magicite to unlock rare and powerful cards or potentially new jobs to play. However, you can also spend your friend Tickets here. Choose the very last option “The Cactuar Summon”. These can be paid for with Friend Tickets. They are a fantastic way of leveling your cards really fast, making a lot of gil easily or unlocking new skills on cards you already have.

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