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Where To Spend Jedha Scrolls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Wondering What Jedha Scrolls Are For?

Jedha Scrolls are a unique currency you can find while exploring the planet of Jedha. In this guide on Where To Spend Jedha Scrolls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll explain what you can do with this currency as depending on when you find your first Jedha Scroll, you may be unsure of where they are used and what they are for.

There are a few unique currencies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, such as Datadiscs and Priorite Shards, and Jedha Scrolls are one of these currencies. You can find them mostly on the planet Jedha as small, shining items that you are able to collect off the floor. When you pick one up it will tell you that you can use them at a certain vendor, but it won’t tell you who this vendor is or where you can find them, even if you have located them previously.

Where To Spend Jedha Scrolls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Once you have progressed far enough into the story on Jedha you can find the merchant you need at the temple with Ceres and the other Jedi. At the Meditation Point in the archives room, head through the huge door directly in front of you. If the door is currently closed and does not open, you need to work through more of the story first. Once the door is opened head through and into the room on the other side.

Once inside the other room run straight ahead and you will see a small ramp. Head up the small ramp and on your right is another vendor, Sister Taske. You can then speak with the small shop icon next to Sister Taske to spend your Jedha Scrolls. These are spent on parts for your lightsaber and colors.

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