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Where To Spend Priorite Shards In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Wondering What You Can Use Priorite Shards For?

Found some Priorite and wondering what it does? In this guide on Where To Spend Priorite Shards In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we explain how this unique currency works, what you can spend it on, and where you can spend it so you can begin gathering these up, as you need these more than any other currency in the game.

Priorite Shards are the first unique currency that you find in the game. There are others, such as Datadiscs and Jedha Scrolls, but you don’t need to worry too much about those until a bit later. Although each of the currencies are unique, they follow similar principles. You find Priorite Shards, like the others, by exploring the game and locating the small, shining objects on the floor. As you approach, you can interact with them to collect them and add them to your inventory. Priorite Shards are very common and that’s probably a good thing, as it’s the most expensive shop with the most amount of upgrades.

Where To Spend Priorite Shards In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Before you can spend your Priorite Shards you need to follow the story in Rambler’s Reach Outpost, the main base on Koboh. After you free the town from the bandits attacking, you will meet a character called Doma. Once you have met Doma she will shortly afterward open a small shop directly opposite the cantina called Doma’s Outpost Commodities. Once this location has been opened, you can visit at any time to spend your Priorite Shards.

There are many things you can buy here, but it’s mostly cosmetics for Cal, such as clothing and hair, but there’s also a unique item you can buy called the Mysterious Keycode. I won’t spoil it here but if you want to know the contents of Doma’s locked door in her shop, check out the guide here.

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