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Where To Store Items In Ooblets

Where To Store Items In Ooblets
Inventory space is limited in Ooblets but is there a bank or somewhere to store items? This guide explains Where To Store Items In Ooblets as although the storage capacity is very low, it’s a great place to store away those valuables you plan to use for Tasks later in the game.

At the beginning of your adventure in the world of Ooblets, you arrive on the island with very little. A small briefcase carries all that you own. Thankfully, you keep the briefcase, which acts as your only method of storage during your early days on the island of the Ooblets.

Where To Store Items In Ooblets

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As you progress through the game and increase the size of your house, it’s very likely that additional storage options become available. However, during the early stages of the game, you are restricted to storing only 6 different items inside the suitcase.

Return to your farm and go inside the house. You will see a suitcase on the floor. If you are carrying any items you can immediately deposit them from your hand into the case. However, you can also interact with the case to bring up the full menu. This allows you to store all of your items at once, making it much quicker and more efficient if you want to store more than a single item.

The items are safe in here, it’s a permanent storage. It’s a good space to place Recipe Pieces and other items that you don’t use often but will definitely use later in the game. If we discover additional storage options later in the game, we’ll be sure to update this guide with the fresh information.

Don’t forget, however, that you are able to increase your carrying capacity, which is akin to additional storage. After some time doing Tasks and leveling up, you will be able to buy chests from the furniture shop.

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