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Where To Trade Bicolor Gemstones In Final Fantasy XIV

Where To Trade Bicolor Gemstones In Final Fantasy XIV
Bicolor Gemstones are a new rewards for new Fates in FFXIV Shadowbringers. This guide will tell you Where To Trade Bicolor Gemstones In Final Fantasy XIV as they offer increasingly valuable rewards the more Bicolor Gemstones you earn and the more you increase Fate rank.

Where To Trade Bicolor Gemstones In Final Fantasy XIV

There are likely multiple places to exchange Bicolor Gemstones but this is probably the first one you will encounter. The first place you will find a Gemstone Trader is on Lakeland. You can visit here early in the Shadowbringers expansion but there’s not much use at first. Initially she only stocks some basic crafting supplies such as Smilodon Skin, Hoptrap Leaf and Silkmoth Scales.

Lakeland Bicolor Gem Trader

Once you are in Lakeland head to the town on the Eastern edge, Fort Jobb. You will find the Gemstone Trader in town with a ! over her head. Speak with her to unlock the ability to trade Gemstones for valuable items.

Il Mheg Gem Trader

You can also find one in Il Mheg at Lydha Lran.

The Rak’tika Greatwood Gem Trader

The Rak'tika Greatwood Gem Trader
Found in Fanow, on the second part of the map you can access

If you speak with the Gemstone Trader she tells you that it is currently too dangerous to transport more goods. You need to increase your rank in Fates to get more items.

You must increase your FATE rank to increase Gemstone Trader stocks.

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