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Where To Trade Old World Materials

Where To Trade Old World Materials
Found some Old-World Materials but don’t know what they do? This guide on Where To Trade Old World Materials will tell you all of the objectives you have to complete in order to discover and interact with an NPC that can trade them for Valuable items.

Old World Materials are a special and rare item that can be obtained in a variety of ways. The Dark Depths is arguably one of the most reliable ways to farm, Lost invasions also occasionally provide the odd Old World Material drop and finally, some normal enemies can drop them in regular combat.

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Old World Materials
So once you’ve got your stock of Old World Materials, what do you do with them? You can trade them with a specific NPC in exchange for Valuables, gifts that you can offer to your allies in the Home Base in exchange for a variety of perks and items.

The Ruined City Underground is one of the earlier maps of the game. You must complete the entire area so you clear it of the Miasma. Once you complete each region in Code Vein, the Miasma is lifted, allowing other Revenants to explore the region. Once you have completed the Ruined City Underground, travel to the Outer Crossroads.

There will be a new NPC in the area, Shang, right next to the teleport location. Speak with Shang. Here you can trade Old World Materials with Shang in exchange for Valuables.

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