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Where To Trade Prize Tokens In Shenmue 3

Where To Trade Prize Tokens In Shenmue 3
Early on in Shenmue 3 you can play games for prize tokens. Check out this guide to find out where to trade prize tokens in Shenmue 3. This way you can get some prizes for your hard earned turtle race victories.

Where To Trade Prize Tokens In Shenmue 3

The trade exchange shop can be found in the Panda Market. You have to progress until you are looking for Stone Masons for a second time, after you find the list with their names on it. when you are in the Panda Market, enter into the store with the Panda on it and you will be greeted. Here you can exchange your tokens for prizes like food, shirts, shoes, and even gems to sell. You can sell certain items to the pawn shop across the road and earn cash that way if you are looking for extra money.

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