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Where To Upgrade Sword, Bow & Armor In Ghost Of Tsushima

Where To Upgrade Sword, Bow & Armor In Ghost Of Tsushima
Want to find a Swordsmith, Bowyer, and Armorer? This guide on Where To Upgrade Sword, Bow & Armor In Ghost Of Tsushima will tell you of a single location that has everything you need in order to improve your swords, upgrade your bow, and make your armor stronger.

There are many different paths to travel and routes to take in Ghost of Tshushima. Some of these paths take you in directions far from upgrade locations, while others will guide you straight toward one. If you’ve been playing for a while and have yet to upgrade your equipment, there is a safe and easy location where you can upgrade everything.

Where To Upgrade Sword, Bow & Armor In Ghost Of Tsushima

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Once you have the appropriate materials you will want to head to a certain NPC. Bowyers upgrade your bows, Swordsmith’s upgrade your swords and Armorer’s upgrade your armor. The Golden Temple, which isn’t far from the initial starting area in Ghost of Tshushima, is a perfect location to operate as a central hub. It has a Gift Altar so you can grab gifts whenever they are available, and you can fast travel to the location from anywhere.

Once you are inside The Golden Temple, it’s full of allies and there’s no combat nearby, you can freely chat with each of the NPC’s to learn what is required to upgrade your gear. Simply grab the materials and return here whenever you want to upgrade. There are other Bowyers, Swordsmith’s and Armorers in the game, but this is a great place to get you started.

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