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Where To Use Kolket’s Key In Remnant 2

Kolket’s Razor is a quest item that turns into a key in Remnant II. In this guide on Where To Use Kolket’s Key In Remnant 2, we’ll explain where you need to go in order to use this key so you can collect some very valuable loot.

Many parts of Remnant 2 are randomly generated but within those randomly generated worlds, there are fixed points and locations that, if they appear, will be the same across multiple games. Once you have Kolket’s Razor you can Inspect the item. Inspect the very tip of it and you will get an interaction point. Select this interaction point to reveal Kolket’s Key.

A map showing where to find The Lament

You need to explore the map until you find the region, The Lament. While it’s location is random, each Adventure we have done in the area, has eventually revealed this location. Once you have The Lament discovered, you need to head to the area with the floating stone puzzle covered in symbols.

Where To Use Kolket’s Key In Remnant 2

An image showing Where To Use Kolket's Key In Remnant 2
This is from the opposite side of where you will first encounter the puzzle. It’s a really awkward jumping puzzle where you need to jump and roll between the platforms to reach the other side. At the other side of the puzzle with the floating rocks and symbols, there is a locked door. You can use Kolket’s Key to unlock this door and gain access to a new room.

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