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Where To Use The Crank In Deathloop

The crank is one of the items you can find in Deathloop that allows you to access a variety of safes. Check out this guide to find out where to use the crank in Deathloop. This way you don’t have to carry the thing around with you looking for safes with no handles.

Where To Use The Crank In Deathloop

The crank-wheel can be found in The Complex map in Wenjie’s lab on the outskirts of the area. It is a green building near the water. Get the crank from there and leave the building. Follow the path outside up and watch out for the sensor on the right side. If you can find a turret, place is outside of the green building because some enemies will spawn on our way back. Now head down the path and into the complex. Grab the turret here and bring it with you inside, leave the crank in the hall for now.

Clear out the enemies inside this lab room and go to the glass containers. One of them needs the crank and inside you can the item to activate the trinket-creating tech. Before you do that though, set up another turret in this area near the steps because enemies spawn there as well. Now grab the crank and head down those stairs to find safe to open up. Your objective is going to be to get the item in the glass container and bring it back to the green lab you got the crank in. From there you put it in the other crank glass machine and use it.

I just ran the path a few times to memorize it and let the turrets deal with the baddies. When you take the energy, the doors lock and will have to be hacked so be ready for that. DO NOT THROW THE ENERGY. It breaks very easily and you have to redo the loop to complete this objective. Drop the item off and you will get a new trinket.

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