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Where To Use The Midwinter Key In Mario And Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

The snow planet in Mario And Rabbids Sparks Of Hope has another key and another secret zone for you to find. Check out this guide to find out Where To Use The Midwinter Key In Mario And Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. This way you can get another Spark for your team.

Where To Use The Midwinter Key In Mario And Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

In order to get the key you will need 11 planet coins. Once you have them you can buy the key from the shopkeeper and then start to look for the door.

Head to the Winter Palace Waypoint or to the Winter Palace. From there you want to turn around and go back towards the mountain. Pass the item shop and take the lader near there. Now head up the path and follow the coins up the small slope. If you keep going you will see a white pipe at the end of the path.

Take that pipe and it will lead you right to the secret door. Use the key and go inside. Beat the secret area and you will get your new Spark.

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