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Which House To Choose In Hogwarts Legacy

One of the first big choices in Hogwarts Legacy is which house you will be joining at Hogwarts. Check out this guide to find out which House to choose in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a choice you can’t go back on, so make sure you pick the right House.

Which House To Choose In Hogwarts Legacy

When you first down the Sorting Hat will ask you a couple of questions. These questions will help direct you towards a House for those of you unsure or who don’t care. Here are what each of the Houses represent.

The Gryffindor house is red and gold in their color scheme. They represent bravery, daring and chivalry.

Hugglepuff’s get brown and gold as their colors. They represent patience, loyalty, and hard work.

Ravenclaw colors are blue and gold. They represent intelligence, creativity, and wit.

Slytherin are green and silver in their color scheme. They represent cunning, ambition, and a hunger for power.

Those are the main differences between the houses aside from their common rooms and your classmates. There are no bonuses or advantages to joining any of the Houses. Pick the one you want to be in and you won’t miss much outside of some cosmetic stuff like robe colors.

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