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Which Password To Pick From Scrope In Hogwarts Legacy

During the main story, you will have to get a password from Scrope in order to proceed. Check out this guide to find out Which Password To Pick From Scrope In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can move on with the game.

Which Password To Pick From Scrope In Hogwarts Legacy

You will first have to sneak in. This requires you to have a few chats with other characters on your way there. Funnily enough one of them is the reason why Quidditch got canceled. Sneak into the great hall and you can find the elf up near the big book. Talk to him and you will have a conversation.

He says that he isn’t to give the password to anyone, even you. But then he say’s well you know what it is, it is the meaning of a certain house. The answer is “it’s to do with the purity of blood.” Scrope will be satisfied and you can get out of there before your potion wears off. Also there is a fun easter egg here if you interact with the object in front of you.

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