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Who Is The Assassin In Shadowed Prayers For Dragon’s Dogma 2

A quest in Battahl tasks you with saving royalty. This guide on Who Is The Assassin In Shadowed Prayers For Dragon’s Dogma 2 walks you through the quest so you can successfully identify the assassin and complete the quest without failure.

Shadowed Prayers Walkthrough

The Shadowed Prayers quest begins when you visit the Flamebeaer Palace for the first time. When you arrive you are greeted by Ser Menella, a bodyguard to the Empress of Battahl that was injured in a previous encounter with an assassin.

She asks for the Arisen’s aid and informs you that the Empress prays every morning and she’s concerned that the assassin will make another attempt on the Empress’s life. Either rest or wait nearby until morning and then return to the Flamebearer Palace.

Upon your return you will be granted a Bandit Bill of Arrest with a description of the assassin that reads:

Wears his hair tied back. His right arm was wounded during the attack.

So you’re looking for a male suspect, with hair tied back, and some kind of injury to his right arm.

Who Is The Assassin

Showing a picture of the assassin so players know who it is

This is the assassin. He’s standing on the left side of the staircase, if you’re looking down. There are two men on this side of the staircase with tied back hair. This one stands out because he has a large sword on his waist.

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