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Who Is The Thief In Honkai Star Rail

There’s a quest in the mines that asks you to identify a thief. This guide on Who Is The Thief In Honkai Star Rail will tell you everything you need to know to solve this puzzle so you can correctly identify the thief, complete the quest, and move on to your next objective.

When you speak to everyone you then return to Swetta and she says. “The cook said the helper did it, the tailor said it wasn’t her, the merchant said it was the cook, and the helper said it wasn’t him”, and informs you that only the culprit would be lying, so you need to use the information you have available to identify the thief.

Who Is The Thief In Honkai Star Rail

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If you speak with Hook to ask for a clue, they say “I think the cook and the merchant are the most suspicious. My gut tells me that one if them is the culprit”. This helps narrow down the potential suspects as you now just need to figure out whether or not the cook is lying or the merchant is lying. Remember, the Cook said it was the Helper and the Merchant said it was the cook. If only one person can lie, this is all the clues you need.

The merchant cannot be lying if the answer is either cook or merchant. The cook is saying the helper did it, which if he is lying means it’s the merchant, but then the merchant would be lying by saying it’s the cook. If the merchant is lying by saying it’s the cook, the cook cannot be telling the truth that it’s the helper.

Therefore, the Cook is the thief.

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