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Who To Channel Magik’s Power Through Rescuing Agatha In Midnight Suns

An important choice comes into play when trying to save Agatha. This guide on Who To Channel Magik’s Power Through Rescuing Agatha In Midnight Suns will tell you what happens whether you decide to channel the power through Hunter, the entire team, Wanda, or Logan.

It’s worth noting that the overarching outcome of the story remains much the same. Whatever you decide, Agatha is rescued and she returns to the Abbey in a form that everyone can see and hear. However, the effects of the choice on the characters you choose do change, so it’s important to make a decision that fits your personal playstyle. After all, you don’t want one of your favorite heroes out for ages.

Who To Channel Magik’s Power Through Rescuing Agatha In Midnight Suns

If you choose Channel Through Me
If you make this choice you get +10 Light Points and +3 Friendship with Magik. You also get a Severe Injury that takes up to 3 days to heal. I got Slow for 4 turns but it may be randomized. Hunter cannot be placed in the healing station so must heal naturally.

If you choose It Must Be All Of Us
If you make this decision, multiple heroes become injured. For me, I suffered a Mild injury on Hunter, Blade, Doctor Strange, Magik, Nico, and Wolverine. These all took 2-3 days to recover from.

If you choose Wanda Is The Strongest Of us
If you make this choice you get +10 Dark Points and -3 Friendship with Magik. Afterwards, you get +1 Friendship with Wanda, she accepts your apology, and thanks you for choosing her. Wanda suffers a Severe Injury that lasts 4 days.

If you choose Logan Can Handle it
If you choose Logan he suffers a Severe Injury which makes him suffer 1 Vulnerable at the start of the turn. It takes 3 days to heal. If you speak to him afterwards, he says he understands and that Agatha used to bounce spells through him all the time.

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