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Who To Choose To Take On Ark In Biomutant

Who To Take On Ark In Biomutant
Deciding who to bring with you in the Ark will influence the ending of Biomutant. This guide on Who To Choose To Take On Ark In Biomutant will go over the different choices you can make, highlighting the potential changes you will experience at the end of the story.

We’ve already compiled a list of all the characters you can invite onto the Ark in Biomutant, but does the decision really matter? There are a lot of different choices to make throughout Biomutant. Some of them have immediate consequences, such as changing your Dark or Light Aura alignment, others have a butterfly effect later in the story, and some don’t do very much at all. Unfortunately, the decision of who to take on the Ark seems to fall into the latter category.

Who To Choose To Take On Ark In Biomutant

Once you have unlocked the Ark during the story, Out-Of-Date will tell you to invite four people to take with you on the Ark. There are several characters dotted around Biomutant, and nearly all of them can be invited to join you on the Ark. There are two important factors. Firstly, some characters will only join if your alignment matches. For example, a dark aligned character won’t accept your invitation if you are a light aligned character.

Secondly, there is no take backs. Most of the characters you can invite will want an invitation immediately after completing a quest. Once this dialogue box appears, there’s no backing down. The yes or no decision you make here sticks. If you say no, you will never be able to invite them again. As such, it’s a good idea to create save files before speaking with characters, just to make sure you don’t waste a slot.

At the end of the game there is a cut-scene that shows all of the characters you’ve taken with you. The characters themselves are shown as they climb aboard the Ark. That’s about the only change outside of Aura decisions. If you went Dark Aura throughout the game and invited dark characters, that will also influence the ending.

Invite Chu-Chu
This will depend on you light and dark score. Since I was part of the Jagni and my dark score was max, he wouldn’t join me on the Ark. So I guess he gets to die like the punk he is.

Invite Whiz
Whiz will be so happy that he almost can’t speak. He is looking forward to your adventure.

Ultimately, the choice of who to bring on the Ark, doesn’t make a huge difference.

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