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Who To Give The Bridge To In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

There is a choice to give the bridge to Sir Balin or Sir Balan. This guide on Who To Give The Bridge To In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale breaks down the three choice so you can decide who you give the bridge to, based on the consequences of your actions and the rewards for each of the decisions.

There are many choices in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, but many of them don’t really do much. They change the dialogue in parts and sometimes alter following events but bar a few big decisions, it has minimal impact. However, this is one such big decision as it impacts which characters are able to join your Round Table.

Who To Give The Bridge To In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

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If you give the bridge to Sir Balan
Sir Balan claims you are a righteous king and he will aid you with his services. You get Rightful points for the Morality Chart and Sir Balan will join your cause. However, Sir Balin threatens you that you will regret this decision.

If you give the bridge to Sir Balin
Sir Balan respects your decision but will not pledge his allegiance to your cause. Sir Balin is happy you gave him the bridge and he will join you.

If you keep the bridge for yourself
If you are purely after recruiting all of the heroes you can find in the game, this is the best choice to make. You don’t get any Rightful or Tyrant points but making this decision results in both Sir Balin and Sir Balan joining your Round Table, unlocking both characters for you to use in the campaign.

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