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Windbound Blessings List & Guide

Windbound Blessings List & Guide
Blessings are a progressive reward in Windbound. This Windbound Blessings List & Guide tells you everything you need to know to unlock new Blessings, the effect blessings have on future play through, and a list of the Blessings we have discovered on our adventure.

Windbound is a combination of open-world RPG style exploration and rogue-like progressive rewards and mechanics. The two main difficulties, Story and Survival, both have different death penalties, with Survival being very brutal. If you die, you restart. As such, bonuses and benefits you can find that carry over to your next life are vital if you hope to progress further in your next run.

What Are Blessings?

What Are Blessings
Blessings are unique unlockable items that provide a variety of different buffs, benefits, and bonuses. Certain Blessings will grant you an unbreakable tool or weapon, others can influence how much health or hunger regenerates over time. They are one of the more unique features of Windbound as they are permanent rewards. You cannot equip every Blessing available, there is a limit. But gathering as many as you can, allowing you to specialize for the chapters challenges ahead, is a great way of increasing your chances of success.

How To Unlock More Blessings

How To Unlock More Blessings
At the end of each Chapter leading to Chapter 5, there is a small water sequence. During these sequences it’s you vs. nature. Huge crashing waves, dangerously placed rocks, swarms of Jellyfish, an angry shark, there are a lot of obstacles blocking your path in these short but intense sequences. At the end of the area you reach a platform. Here you can spend your Sea Shards to unlock a Blessing. Each Chapter you complete allows you to choose from two different Blessings. Once a Blessing is unlocked, it is permanently unlocked even after you die.

How To Equip Multiple Blessings

How To Equip Multiple Blessings
Every Blessing has a cost to equip. Most of them require a single slot, others require a double slot. You can tell by the small gem icon underneath each Blessing. At the beginning of your adventure you are limited to a single Blessing slot. However, there is a small chance that you can unlock the Second Blessing. It reads “A second boon from the Gods” in the description of the Blessing. This allows you to have an additional Blessing slot to either equip two 1 cost Blessings, or one 2 Cost Blessing. Further slots are likely available also. Simply choose a Blessing at the “Bestow Blessing” altar, and you will take that Blessing into the next Chapter.

List Of Blessings

List Of Blessings
  • Ancestral Sling – You start with a special sling
  • Ika’s Barbs – Weapons cause creatures to bleed, dealing damage over time
  • Ancestral Bow – You start with a special bow
  • Gortl’s Fortitude – Poison effects are greatly reduced
  • Arms Of Imakl – Increased Held Items capacity that are retained on death
  • Gortl’s Greed – Increases the amount of Sea Shards
  • Second Blessing – A Second boon from the gods (allows you to equip two Blessings)
  • Nekla’s Undying – Health continuously regenerates
  • Patience Of Imakl – Hunger increases at a reduced rate
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