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Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone – Runewright Guide – Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price

Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone - Runewright Guide
The Runewright is one of the more exciting additions with the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out our Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone – Runewright Guide – Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price for all the information you need on completing the Runewright’s quests as well as details surrounding the usefulness of his craft.

The first step in the Runewright’s quest chain is to locate the Runewright himself. We have a guide on where to find the Runewright in Hearts of Stone but it’s a pretty simple process. Simply head to the Upper Mill area on your map and you’ll find the Runewright inside a tent.

Witcher 3 Hearts Of Stone - Runewright Location

Once you’ve found the Runewright you’ll begin a quest chain that you must complete before you’re able to use his skills.

Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price Guide

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Step 1 – Funding The Runewright
The first stage of the quest chain requires 5000 coin. If you’ve already got it on your person you can hand it to the Runewright during your first discussion.

Step 2 – Find a Pickaxe
There is a pickaxe in the house a short walk South East of the Runewright’s location.

Step 3 –
After collecting the Pickaxe you need to head North West. Take the fast travel point nearby to Bowdon and then use the Pickaxe to collect the hunk of Jade from the objective markers nearby. It could be random but I found Jade at the middle of the 3 points. The cave area with the spiders, it’s behind the pillar as you enter the cave. Once you’ve gathered the Jade, return to the Upper Mill and speak with the Runewright. When you return the Runewright would have spent your coin and have his own area in the Upper Mill.

Step 4 –
The next step of the quest chain requires 10,000 coin. Give the Runewright your 10,000 coin to purchase more advanced tools.

Step 5 –
The final stage of the quest chain requires another big investment of coin, this time 15,000.

Once you’ve unlocked all elements of the Runewright you will have access to his full set of skills. You are now able to enchant items and fit them with Runewords or Glyphwords, although these can not be used simultaneously with normal glyphs and runes. Be careful when enchanting items with the Runewright as any runes or glyphs currently fitted to that piece of armor or weapon is destroyed.

In order to enchant items with Runewords or Glyphwords it must fit the requirements to be listed – possessing at least 3 enhancement slots. If an item you want to enchant does not require enough slots you can use the add sockets option to add new sockets to currently equipped armor and weapons in exchange for coin.

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  1. I have invested to have a master runewright, but so far I am not excited enough to change from the glyphs I already. I am going to make a second set of superior wolf gear and put the best runewrights in that set. I can test which performs better and what runewrights give me more benefit. I do like some of their stats, and imagine I’ll eventually be using a set which has some pieces using runewrights.

    On an unrelated note, has anyone met the tax man yet? I met him and answered the questions with some admitting guilt and others denying it. I wanted to see the outcome. I reloaded the game so my husband could watch the humorous scene with me. The second time I denied the charges and was praised for it and given a diploma. I need to check the fines associated with some guilty answers and all guilty answers. I did not have time to finish the quest.

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