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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Save Wyatt Or Fergus

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Sacrifice Wyatt Or Fergus
Much like in the first Wolfenstein, you will be choosing who you want to save at the start of the game. This choice will change how the game ends up and a few other things. Check out this Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus guide to find out which choice to make.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Guide Sacrifice Wyatt Or Fergus

First thing I want to say is I don’t have the data on my Ps4 anymore for the first Wolfenstein so this might not be a choice for everyone. Secondly, I don’t remember a ton from the first game outside of this choice, so it might have a bigger effect on the story then I realize.

If you choose to save Wyatt then Fergus will be killed. This happened in the first game but the outcome is still present in Wolfenstein 2. This will result in Wyatt being alive in your game and he will be part of your Nazi-hunting crew. Wyatt will be hit in the side of the head and it will affect him throughout the story. He gets confused easily and it sometimes sounds like he is crazy. The weapon you get from him is the Dieselkraftwerk.

If you choose to save Fergus then Wyatt will be killed. Again, this is how it played out in the first game, these are just the Timeline choices you get. Fergus will be alive in your game and he will be part of your crew. Fergus loses his arm if you save him and obviously that affects how well he can fight in the game. The weapon you get from him is the Laserkraftwerk.

The change for you is which special gun you get. Saving Fergus basically gets you a laser gun that can disintegrate normal enemies. It shoots a ball that will finish enemies off quick, starts of with 10 shots. The gun you get from saving Wyatt is basically a sticky bomb gun. You can attach mini explosives to enemies and detonate them when you see fit, starts with 10 rounds. Both of these can be upgraded and both can blow up certain hatches and vents to help with exploration.

Now in the last game the choice determined which upgrades you got throughout the game, one was HP and one was Armor. The upgrade system seems to be different in this game and so far I haven’t found either of the upgrades but I am not that far into the game. Obviously whoever you choose will change the story up and some of the dialogue, but I’m not going to spoil that much. If you are looking for my opinion I like Vergus better so I saved him, but the Wyatt gun is still really nice.

If you find either of the upgrades, let us know who you saved so we know which upgrades they add.

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