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Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Armor Upgrade Locations

Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Armor Upgrade Locations

If you choose the Wyatt route in Wolfenstein The New Order you will get the Armor upgrade. They show up on the map but you can still miss them if you aren’t looking for them. This guide will help you find them as you play through the game. Check it out.

Armor Upgrades

Wolfenstein The New Order Armor Upgrade

Be sure to use your map so you can see the silver ? in the area.

Chapter 2

Armor Upgrade – After you leave the first room clear out all the Nazis in the next room. Once you do that on the bottom right of the map you can find a locker in the bathroom to open up. Once you pick the lock you will get an armor upgrade.

Chapter 3

Armor Upgrade – If you got the health upgrade in this area before it is in the same spot. Open up the closet and inside the toy chest you will find the armor upgrade. This is in the room with the Nazi in the chair.

Armor Upgrade 2 – Once you enter the building where the old lady killed the Nazi take a right. Unlock the door and clear all out all the Nazis down below. If you go across from the steps and follow that wall around you will find a vent and in the middle of the vent is the upgrade. If you unlock a second door you have gone to far.

Wolfenstein The New Order Upgrades

Chapter 5

Armor Upgrade – Enter the room on the top right of the map and go to the desk. Use the desk and when you regain control of your character you can get the upgrade.

Chapter 6

Armor Upgrade – Before you reach the Moon dome you will be in a room with plaques and statues. To the left of the metal door you can find a locker and inside is the armor upgrade.

Chapter 7

Armor Upgrade – In your room in the base. Use the desk and it will appear after a brief black out.

Chapter 8

Armor Upgrade – In the same room as the chapter 7 upgrade, play the guitar then you can collect it.

Wolfenstein The New Order Armor

Chapter 9

Armor Upgrade – Once you raise the water you will end up in an area with two under water mines. Detach both of them and one will blow a hole in the wall for you to progress. Take that path until you can go up some stairs. In that area you can find a door you can unlock and behind the door you will find the upgrade.

Chapter 12

Armor Upgrade – Once you enter the room to bring up the blast doors look on the desk for the upgrade.

Chapter 13

Armor Upgrade – Once you are on the space base you will have to crawl through a conveyer belt in order to get your laser. Once you are in the room where you get your laser back follow the rest of the conveyer belt to a box you need to cut open. Cut it open and inside you will find your upgrade.

Wolfenstein The New Order Assault Rifle

That is it for the armor upgrades. Check back soon for more game guides!

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  1. This may be necroing this guide but the chapter numbering is off by one on a few of them. Chapter 10 is the one with the mines, and chapter 9 is in the safe house. Chapter 8 did not have one.

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