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Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Health Upgrade Locations

Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Health Upgrade Locations

If you take the Fergus route in Wolfenstein The New Order you will get the health upgrade collectible. These are easily miss able if you are not looking hard enough for them. This guide will help you find them all while you go through the game. Let’s get started.

Wolfenstein The New Order Health Upgrade 1

Only some of the chapters have the hp upgrade. You will max out at 200. Be sure to use your map and look for the silver ? for collectible spots.

Chapter 2

Health Upgrade – Once you find the way out of the asylum it will be locked and you need to find a way to open it. In the room with the switch to open the door you will find a safe that you need to hot wire. Once you open the safe you can find the health upgrade inside.

Chapter 3

Health Upgrade – At the start of Chapter 3 you will have a Nazi tied to a chair in a garage. If you look around the room you can find a wooden door that opens to a small closet. In the closet you can get the apron and a health upgrade.

Health Upgrade – After you clear the east block and get back in the car you will have to open the gate for the car. When you enter the building go left and there is an elevator you can take up. Take it up and behind the spool of wire you will find the upgrade.

Chapter 5

Health Upgrade – Head upstairs to the empty room near where you get the project whisper folder from. If you sleep on the bed when you wake up there will be a heath upgrade on the table. As a bonus you can play retro Wolfentstien upstairs on the mattress.

Wolfenstein The New Order HP Upgrade

Chapter 6

Health Upgrade – Once you get into the building look to the left and you can see a small room. Go into the room and hot wire the box to get the HP boost.

Chapter 7

Health Upgrade – Sleep in your bed for another hp boost.

Chapter 9

Health Upgrade – Go back up to your room and sleep again for another hp boost.

Wolfenstein The New Order Fergus Route

Chapter 10

Health Upgrade – You get this in the water, the area where you raise the water, at the bottom in a safe. Open up the safe and grab the hp boost.

Chapter 12

Health Upgrade – After you jump of the helicopter again you will see a room to the right that has a couple of Nazis inside. Inside of that room you need to hit wire the safe to get the health upgrade.

Chapter 13

Health Upgrade – After you get the nuclear launch code you will need to return to the hanger. Before you do that look left of the hatch you need to take and you will see a hot wire point. Open it up and get the HP boost.

The rest of the chapters do not have HP upgrades so you don’t have to worry about looking for them. That will end the Wolfenstein The New Order HP Upgrade Guide, check back soon for updates!

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