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Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Weapon Upgrade Location Guide

Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Weapon Upgrade Location Guide

While playing Wolfenstein The New Order you can find various upgrades for your weapons throughout the levels. These actually don’t show up on the map unless you need them to progress in the game. This guide will help you find them as you play the game! Let’s get started.

Weapon Upgrades!

Wolfenstein The New Order Handgun 1960 Upgrade

Upgrades count for both playthroughs.

Handgun 1960 Upgrade – You get this in the Asylum before you go outside. Look for the barricade in the hallway in the first area. Above that barricade you can gain access to the roof and get the silencer for the pistol. You can get the original pistol a silencer as well but you replace that super quick.

Laser Cutter Upgrade – You can find this in the coal loader room during the prison escape in chapter 4. It is up on the catwalk and looks like a recharge station. Replaced by the Laserkraftwerk.

Laserkraftwerk: Full Automatic – Once you make it to the hanger in chapter 6 you can get the upgrade. If you look at the map it is in the bottom room next to one of the commanders. In the back corner you can get the upgrade.

Laserkraftwerk: Reflection – In chapter 7 you finally can use the Laser in the base. Once you are retrieving the power saw you will fall down into the sewers. Follow the path until you go through a hole in the wall into another part of the sewer. Instead of heading for the objective go the opposite way and get the upgrade.

Laserkraftwerk: Strobe – In chapter 9 after you collect the welder you you will have to knock a ladder down with you laser. Once you go up the ladder look to the right for an upgrade box.

Wolfenstein The New Order Laserkraftwerk Full Automatic

Laserkraftwerk: Tesla – In chapter 10 after you take the elevator up towards the train you can find this in between two crates. It is a large yellow box.

Shotgun Upgrade – Once you start chapter 11 you will get this automatically. Basically makes the shotgun pellets bounce around a bit.

Assault Rifle Upgrade – At the start of chapter 12 you will be dropped near a broken train cars. Climb the ladder and enter the train car. On the first floor you will find the rocket launcher upgrade.

Laserkraftwerk: Targeting Scope – After you clear out the double decker train car of Nazis you will climb up to the main train car you need to enter. Take the beam across to the train car behind the double decker and cut a hole in the fence to get this upgrade. It is a large yellow box.

Wolfenstein The New Order Assault Rifle Upgrade

Marksman Rifle Upgrade – Once you get to the space base you get this automatically by killing a solider and grabbing a gun. This makes the gun automatic but takes the scope away.

That will end the Wolfenstein The New Order Weapon Upgrade Location Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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      1. It’s in the Da’at Yishud repository under the sea. You get it by solving the puzzle with the floating “thingies” in the sockets on the walls by pushing them in. If you do it in the correct order they light up and the last socket opens – the reactor unit is inside.

        Unfortunately I can’t remember the correct order, but I just figured it out in a couple of minutes, shouldn’t be too hard. 😛

        1. The order is as follows (As depicted from the artifacts artwork obtained from the London Nautica):

  1. You can also get the Targeting Scope on the U-Boat, but I think it’s depends on if you have the hot wire skill. It’s near the beginning, just after you kill the first commander and move into the next area. It’s at the oposite end of where all of the guards are walking back and forth between the bed/bunk areas. Once you get in the office, there’s a grate that you can cut through with your LKW, beside the desk, which gets you into an armory.

  2. Where is the Targeting Scope upgrade for LKW? The instructions were not clear. (I am playing on Wyatt’s Timeline).

  3. Where is the Targeting Scope upgrade for LKW? The instructions were not clear. (I am playing on Wyatt’s Timeline).

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