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Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Wyatt Or Fergus?

Wolfenstein The New Order Guide: Wyatt Or Fergus?

At the end of the first level in Wolfenstein The New Order you will have a choice to make. The choice will effect the story line and what collectibles you can get. Get the details below to find out which one you should choose.

Fergus or Wyatt?

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Whoever you choose to live will change what upgrades you can get and who will be with you on some of the missions. The end result is ultimately the same either way.

Wyatt Or Fergus?

Fergus – Fergus will get you the health upgrade and he will join you on some missions. With him you will be able to hot wire areas you wouldn’t be able to before. The health upgrade gives you + 10 max hp permanently.

Wyatt – With Wyatt you can get an upgrade that lets you get more armor for every piece of armor you pick up. You get to lock pick doors and lockers for the upgrades and other loot. Each upgrade gives you 10% more armor for each piece you pick up(10 will now be 11).

What else changes you might be wondering, well nothing at all. You get the same weapons and same weapon upgrades. The levels don’t change outside you might take a slightly different path which ultimately leads to the same end. Really the biggest choice you have to make it whether or not you want the guy with the accent or not. Kinda of a bummer since they kind of make it seem like you will get two different stories but you don’t.

For the record the HP boost is the better choice and will help you out a lot more then the armor upgrades. So who did you choose? Wyatt or Fergus? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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          1. dude is probably racist and wants Nazis to not have a bad rap. Plus who freaks out over a sarcastic comment online. Wait nvm that’s all the internet is

          2. You think you’re a good person who would have resisted? No, in all of us is the latent ability to become a monster.

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    1. Why? I played today for the first time, up to the hospital/asylum. Past 1st mission I had to increase difficulty to über and still just like relaxing interactive movie. Game is too easy, but I’m enjoying it anyway!

      1. I found the armour upgrades weren’t really helpful. Done it now. I’m currently playing ‘Sniper elite V3 Afrika’.
        not a bad game really 🙂

        1. Sure … hope you didn’t have problems with finding medkits, I’m surprised with their amount even on über difficulty. Thanks for a tip.

  2. I chose Wyatt because at the beginning of the level he throws a grenade into panzerhounds mouth and says “i hope you do the favor for me one day sir”

    1. Oh Man. I forgot that and chose Fergus. But its fine, as armor can be collected easily.
      Anyway good job man.
      I didn’t know about health or armor upgrade. But I am cool with health upgrade. 😉

      1. I know this is a year old…i jus got the game. Quite a good shooter so far. Anyways i chose Fergus bc in the beginning of the chapter soon after they climbed up the wall, Blatzko made a comment after Fergus said something over the radion..something like “well another kid will be murdered tonight bc of you” (something like that…but i believe now he was referring to “Deathshields”…i would like to see if i can replay chapter jus to hesr what he says..).. it would have been sooooo awesome tho if it gave us a difft ending and other outcomes…giving it more replay value…

      2. You can still access the Wyatt timeline and get the armor upgrades as well from chapter select.

  3. fergus – he’s my brother in arms and we’ve been through a lot more battles than with Wyatt apparently..

  4. I picked Fergus cause he’s a Bad Ass Scottish dude that loves to Gut Nazi fuckers with a butter knife. Wyatt just didn’t seem as tough and crazy, the only good thing about him was that I could understand what he was saying. With Fergus idk Wtf the dude is saying half the time. I Def like having the health upgrade instead of armor. I didn’t even know there was 2 Different upgrades depending on who you chose to save.

    1. But Wyatt throws a grenade into panzerhounds mouth and says “i hope you do the favor for me one day sir” Taking free favours is not a good thing.

  5. I choose Fergus simply because he’s a pilot, and I knew I need someone with flying abilities. Of course, that never actually came into play apparently.

  6. You forgot the two characters that only show in each timeline.

    They are ultimately pointless to the game, but it is a small change.

  7. Apparently, I’m only allowed to save Fergus. If I try to save Wyatt, the cutscene freezes…I’m glad it doesn’t really affect the story, but if it did I would be royally pissed. As is, I’m only fairly annoyed (one achievement I am guaranteed to never get in this game).

  8. I’ve tried both of them and noticed that, when you decide to save Wyatt, Fergus goes “it’s ok blahblah” and tries to calm everyone down til the end. But if you choose to save Fergus, Wyatt will be scared and scream “You will save me right? sir??” and it’s so heartbreaking ?

    1. Yeah that is the only thing that sucked about that. It was a hard choice, I knew the kid had potential but I felt a hardened and more experienced leader would be the one to save as he was more likely to survive and contribute more in the future by sharing his knowledge and leading. Though Fergus kind of hates you for it as he would have rather you picked him (which is totally understandable).

      Also I thought Fergus’s acting was WAY better then Wyatt’s… Wyatt’s voice and manner kind of ground on me for some reason.

  9. I haven’t read anything about saving one or the other. So I saved
    younger one, giving myself ability to pick locks. But the thought I was
    having in my mind was something like, the other is older man, maybe made
    a family, and considering something like that he lived his life more
    than the younger soldier, I choose to save younger one. Don’t really
    care about upgrading health or armor, as I play on Uber and it’s

  10. I chose Wyatt not because of upgrades or anything but he looked like he was pissed of and Fergus in the other hand looked like he doesn’t even care.

  11. I literally signed into this website just to tell you you’re a faggot for spoiling that.

  12. I just started a Wyatt playthrough after Fergus, and I did notice some big differences.
    The end story result is mostly the same, but there are some big differences in how some in how some levels play out.
    Per example
    :: SPOILER ::
    in the prison, Fergus causes a riot by opening all the cells while Wyatt takes you straight to the exit.
    :: SPOILER ::
    Also, there might be some a different character in the resistance safehouse.

  13. I’m trying to play to beat Ironman mode and play as Wyatt .. Imho Wyatt is bit better at the beginning because armor is more scarce and health regenerates automatically with bumps of 20 …. I assume, that health (Fergus) will be better later on

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