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Wolfenstein The New Order Weapon List

Wolfenstein The New Order Weapon List

Wolfenstein The New Order brings some pretty interesting weapons to the table for 1960. Nearly all of them can be dual wielded and all of them come with at least one upgrade. Check out the weapon list below to figure out what you will be using throughout the game.

Wolfenstein The New Order Weapons

Wolfenstein The New Order Submachine Gun

Most of the starter weapons are replaced by chapter 2. You start off with a knife as well, if you pick up a second you can dual wield them.

Submachine Gun – First gun you unlock and it is given to you after you save your team from the giant mechanical dog on the beach. You only get this in chapter one.

Handgun 1946 – You can get this off a commander during the first level. You can get a silencer for this gun as well. Replaced by a better model in 1960.

Assault Rifle 1946 – You get this by killing some enemies and picking it up, you can dual wield this weapon if you have two. Replaced by a better model in 1960.

Handgun 1960 – You get this when you stab the Nazi in chapter 2. It is an upgraded pistol that fires a three round burst and can be dual wielded. You can also find a silencer for this pistol.

Assault Rifle 1960 – The upgraded assault rifle is also unlocked in chapter 2. Just kill a Nazi and pick it up. Like the previous assault rifle you can dual wield this one as well. Much later in the game you get a rocket launcher upgrade for the gun.

Wolfenstein The New Order 1960 Assualt Rifle

Double-Barreled Shotgun – You can get this in chapter 2 near the stairs in the hospital. Near the door you can find a dead nurse and below her is the shotgun. This is replaced by the auto shotgun later in the game.

Tesla Grenade – You get these grenades outside of the asylum while you are fighting the drones.

Automatic Shotgun – During the prison escape you can get this by killing a heavy armored unit. This can be dual wielded and you can get a scatter shot upgrade later in the game.

Laserkraftwerk – You unlock this in chapter 6 in the lab. You will need to cut some chains in order to gain access to the weapon. Jump up on the switch and zoom in with your small laser gun to cut the chains. This gun has a ton of upgrades making it very strong later in the game.

Wolfenstein The New Order AR Marksman

AR Marksman – This is the sniper rifle of Wolfenstein and you can find it in more than one level. Once you go to the moon this upgrade with an automatic feature and shoots lasers.

There are also a couple of mounted machine guns you can use but you never have those in your weapon wheel. Whats your favorite weapon? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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