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Wolfenstein Youngblood Brand Bonus Guide

Wolfenstein Youngblood Brand Bonus Guide
Weapon customization options allow for special bonuses. This Wolfenstein Youngblood Brand Bonus Guide explains the basics of the weapon customization system and how you can combine different attachments to greatly increase the power of your weapons.

You unlock weapon customization during your first mission in Wolfenstein Youngblood. Using special currency that you collect, you can add various attachments to most of the weapons you find. Each attachment belongs to a different brand. The Nadel Brand focuses on Accuracy, while the Tempo and Stier brands focus on fire rate and damage, respectively.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Brand Bonus Guide

A Brand Bonus is applied whenever you equip a weapon with a certain number of branded accessories. If you equip three pieces of any one brand onto a weapon, you receive a special brand bonus. The bonus for each brand is different.

  • 3x Nadel – Increases headshot damage
  • 3x Tempo – Increases maximum ammo capacity
  • 3x Stier – Upgrades all inflicted damage

Most weapons only allow for 5 total attachments so it’s only possible to get a single brand bonus per weapon.

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