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World Of Final Fantasy Miniventure (Side Quest) Guide

World Of Final Fantasy Miniventure (Side Quest) Guide
World of Final Fantasy is filled with unique, challenging and rewarding side quests called Miniventure. These come in various shapes and sizes and include everything from taking down big Mirages to finding simple items. This World Of Final Fantasy Miniventure (Side Quest) Guide lists all of the side quests and Miniventure’s we’ve discovered so far including information on completing each one and the rewards they offer.

Most Miniventure’s and side quests in World of Final Fantasy can be found as you explore the game world. Look for citizens of Grymoire with a “?” icon above their heads. This indicates a Miniventure that you can start through dialogue. Once you accept the Miniventure the marker becomes a “!”. Once you complete all objectives for a Miniventure you don’t need to return to the NPC to claim your reward. Simply access the main menu, go to Adventure Log and choose the completed Miniventure to receive your reward.

World Of Final Fantasy Miniventure (Side Quest) Guide

The Girls Tearoom Miniventures

Big thanks to Zexth and B1u33 for helping fill out some blanks

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