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World Of Final Fantasy Mirage Guide – Where To Find & How To Catch

World Of Final Fantasy Mirage Guide - Where To Find & How To Catch
The lands of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy is home to tons of unique monsters you can tame and use in battle called Mirages. This World Of Final Fantasy Mirage Guide lists all of the Mirages we’ve discovered on our travels as well as information on how to catch each individual Mirage and other useful information like Mirage Masters.

Mirage Introduction
Before you’re able to capture a Mirage, even if you have fulfilled the battle conditions, you must have an Empty Prism compatible with that particular Mirage. Whenever you first encounter a new Mirage Enna Kros will provide you with a free compatible Prism to catch that particular Mirage, so you don’t have to worry about missing out for the most part.

There are some monsters in World of Final Fantasy listed as Unimprismable Mirages. These are mostly enemies encountered during important quests or parts of the story, or those hidden within the various Murkrift locations around Grymoire. Some of these can be caught later, once a Mirage Master has been killed. Information will be included along with the entry of the Mirage in our list of Mirages below.

The list below includes Mirages on a map-by-map basis. I only included the information on how to catch each Mirage the first time they’re encountered so if you’re struggling to find one be sure to check previous areas in the guide and the Coliseum guide.

How To Break Mirage Stacks
As you progress through World of Final Fantasy Mirage stacks will become more and more common. You are not able to capture multiple Mirage’s at once or Mirage’s that are still in a stable stack. Before you’re able to catch a Mirage that’s in a stack of enemies you must first topple the stack before fulfilling the other conditions required. To topple an enemy stack you need to use abilities with Topple Strength. For example, in the Nether Nebula you can catch a Mini Golem that can learn Body Slam – a high Topple Strength ability. You can then use this ability in that same dungeon to topple stacks and catch other Mirages.

World Of Final Fantasy Mirage Guide – Where To Find & How To Catch

Wellspring Woods Mirages
The Nether Nebula
The Nether Nebula (Special Mirages)
The Watchplains
Pyreglow Forest
Icicle Ridge
Saronia Docks
The Dragon Scars
Valley Seven
The Low Seas
The Windswept Mire
The Phantom Sands
Underground Prison
Mako Reactor 0
Big Bridge
The Train Graveyard
The Sunken Temple
The Crystal Tower
World Map / Airship
The Chainroad
Castle Exnine
End Game

World Of Final Fantasy Mirage Guide – Coliseum Mirages

As you progress through the main story in World of Final Fantasy you will unlock the Coliseum – a special event area where you can return to past challenges, complete special events or encounter Mirage’s you’ve yet to find in the main world. For more information on how to unlock specific events check out our World of Final Fantasy Coliseum guide.

That wraps up most of the main game. You can continue playing afterwards as tons of Miniventures open in the girls tea room and allows you to capture tons of awesome Mirages like Diablos. Check out our Miniventure guide for more information.

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