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World of Tanks Weak Spots Guide

World of Tanks Weak Spots Guide
This World of Tanks Weak Spots Guide is complete with videos and a text guide to show you the weak spots for tanks in World of Tanks. Listed below is each available tank with a video to demonstrate how to take them out quickly using our World of Tanks Weak Spots Guide.

Each tank in World of Tanks has specific strong and weak points in its armor. Aiming at a certain location and delivering a direct hit will always cause more damage than just firing randomly in the hopes of doing more damage to the enemy tank before you’re killed. The below video guides will show you each tanks Weak Spot and what MM of penetration is required to do decent damage. Any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment, if you contribute to the guide you will be given full credit. Happy killing.

Maus Weak Spot Guide

E-Series Weak Spot Guide

IS7 Weak Spot Guide

IS4 Weak Spot Guide

King Tiger Weak Spot Guide

Jagdtiger Weak Spot Guide

Ferdinand Weak Spot Guide

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