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XCOM 2 Best Base Layout For The Ultimate Avenger

XCOM 2 Best Base Layout For The Ultimate Avenger
The base building and customization in XCOM 2 is one of the games most exciting features. This XCOM 2 guide provides tips and tricks to make the best base layout for the Avenger so you’re able to deal with the challenging scenarios the game throws your way. The Avenger is the name of the ship you’re given to customize and grow when you first begin your journey as a Commander in the Resistance.

When XCOM 2 originally launched on PC it did feature a number of associated bonuses when placing specific rooms adjacent to one another. Over time however, the developers have removed a lot of these to allow for a more personal experience and to give players the opportunity to truly enjoy the impressive levels of variety and customization on offer when trying to build the best base in XCOM 2. This means that there is no real wrong way to make the best base layout when customizing your Avenger, although the higher difficulty levels do demand a more efficient and streamlined setup to ensure survival.

There is however, a single room that does require some careful planning. The Engineering Workshop creates robots that you can send to work in adjacent rooms. This allows you to free up other Engineers to work on other projects so when trying to build the best base in XCOM 2 make sure you leave room for the Engineering Workshop to sit in a location where it is surrounded by rooms on all sides. It’s also worth remembering that the initial layout of the Avenger can be different each play through so the build order may not always be the same.

Below is a list of buildings that are a great choice when you first start the game. As you progress, learn and adapt your own playstyle you’ll want to fine tune this order to better suit your personal preference of playstyle.

Guerrilla Tactics School
The Guerrilla Tactics School provides a number of bonuses once built. You can train Rookie soldiers to become a specific class, removing the random element traditionally associated with Rookie’s becoming a specific class. Other bonuses, albeit ones you don’t NEED at the start, include additional loot drops and increased stimulants. However, the most vital element of the Guerrilla Tactics School is the ability to increase your squad size. At the beginning of the game you are restricted to using 4 soldiers per mission. Using the Guerrilla Tactics School you can expand this number to 6 making it a fantastic way to level more units quicker and make more difficult combat scenarios easier

Advanced Warfare Center
The Advanced Warfare Center is always one of my first builds. It allows you to station an Engineer to the AWC that increases soldier healing time by a massive 100%. This is vital on all difficulties so don’t waste time getting this one up and running.

Psi Lab
Psi Operatives are an incredibly powerful class with some of the most devastating AoE abilities in the game. You can only train Rookies to become Psi Operative’s, you can only train two at a time and they can take a long time to train. However, the skills they offer early game can be a huge help.

Progression Basics – Power, Contacts Etc
At various points you will need to build rooms to provide contacts for the Resistance and Power to supply the ship. Build these as needed but always remember that you can station an Engineer in both rooms to increase their potency as well as upgrading further to provide more bonuses instead of building an entire room.

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