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XCOM 2 Psi Operative Class Guide – Abilities, Tips & Tricks

XCOM 2 Psi Operative Class Guide - Abilities, Tips & Tricks
The mysterious powers of the Psi Operative are among the most lethal in the game. Check out our XCOM 2 Psi Operative Class guide to get a list of all the possible abilities, how to unlock the Psi Operative and some tips and tricks on maximizing their potential on the battlefield.

Unlike the other classes in XCOM 2 the Psi Operative is not unlocked through leveling a Rookie in combat. Instead you must first build a Psi Lab inside your base of operations. Once you have built a Psi Lab you can assign a single Rookie to it and train the Rookie to become a Psi Operative. You are able to train up to two Psi Operative’s at once if you upgrade your Psi Lab.

In a similar way Psi Operative’s do not unlock new abilities through combat. Instead they must continue to train inside the Psi Lab. Another aspect of the Psi Operative that makes it unique is that the moves available at each level progression are randomized and there are no limitations – with enough time and resources to invest you can teach a single Psi Operative every available ability.

Below is a list of all the abilities available to the Psi Operative.

XCOM 2 Psi Operative Abilities List


Soulfire – Does guaranteed psionic damage to an organic enemy, ignoring cover and armor. 3-turn cooldown.


Stasis – Completely stuns the target for 1 turn, but renders them immune to any damage or attack. 3-turn cooldown


Insanity – Debilitating telepathic attack that can inflict different negative conditions, including mental control of the target. 3-turn cooldown.


Inspire – Grant a bonus action immediately to a nearby squadmate (one within the Psi Operative’s sight radius, though direct line of sight is not needed). 3-turn cooldown.


Soul Steal – Using Soulfire now heals you for half of the damage dealt.


Stasis Shield – Stasis can be used on friendly units.


Solace – The Psi Operative is surrounded by an aura that immediately extinguishes or blocks any mental impairments for themselves and any nearby allies (within a 4-tile radius). Passive.


Sustain – Once per mission, when the psionic soldier would be reduced to 0 hit points, he is instead reduced to 1 hit point and put into stasis for 1 turn.


Schism – Insanity now does a small amount of guaranteed damage (2-4), and applies Rupture to the target (making all future attacks deal +2 damage to it).


Fortress – The Psi Operative is immune to fire, poison, acid, and explosive damage.


Fuse – If an enemy is carrying explosives, they can be remotely detonated by the Psi Operative. No cooldown.


Domination – Permanently mind controls an enemy. Only one successful Domination can be performed per mission. If Domination fails there is a 4-turn cooldown before you can try again.


Null Lance – Project a beam of psionic energy that damages every target it passes through. 5-turn cooldown.


Void Rift – A large AoE ability dealing moderate damage and a chance to inflict insanity on all targets in the storm. 5-turn cooldown.

XCOM 2 Psi Operative Tips & Tricks

  • Due to the random nature of the ability progression with Psi Operative’s consider them incredibly valuable. They take a lot more time and resources to train than your typical soldier in XCOM 2 so play it safe.
  • The Solace ability is one of the best support abilities in the game. It is able to cleanse almost all of the negative status effects that can impact your squad. Unlike the healing from Specialists the Solace is an aura and does not take a turn to use.
  • In order to train a Psi Operative you MUST use a Rookie. Some rooms you can build increase starting level of all Rookies or boost exp – If you do not already have Psi Operative’s training you will not be able to train them in future
  • When using various mind-altering abilities, such as Domination, remember that these do not work against mechanical enemies. They only effect organic types.
  • Null Lance and Void Rift are among the most powerful large-area abilities in the game. If either becomes available to learn, grab them as soon as possible.

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