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XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide – Abilities, Tips & Tricks

XCOM 2 Specialist Class Guide - Abilities, Tips & Tricks
The rogue-like elements of XCOM 2 makes it vital that you learn how to best use each class in this game. Check out our XCOM 2 Specialist Class guide. We’ll take you through all of the abilities available as you level so you can plan your path to the perfect Specialist as well as some tips and tricks on maximizing their priceless abilities on the field of battle.

What the Specialist lacks in damage and mobility it very easily makes up in support and versatility. The Specialist is the single only unit with a large-scale AoE heal, the ability to hack robotic enemies and panels from afar and return allies from near certain death.

XCOM 2 Specialist Abilities List


Medical Protocol – The GREMLIN can perform healing actions remotely: GREMLIN Heal and GREMLIN Stabilize. The GREMLIN has a single charge. If a medkit is equipped, the GREMLIN will gain an additional charge.


Combat Protocol – Send the GREMLIN to an enemy to jolt them, dealing guaranteed damage, which is increased against robotic enemies. Twice per mission.


Revival Protocol – Send the GREMLIN to an ally to remove any negative mental status effects. Disoriented, Stunned, Panicked, or Unconscious.


Haywire Protocol – You may target robotic and mechanical enemies with your GREMLIN, attempting to hack them and seize control. 4-turn cooldown.


Field Medic – Equipped medikits have 2 extra charges.


Scanning Protocol – The GREMLIN can trigger an instant scan of the area, increasing the Specialist’s sight radius substantially for one turn and revealing any hidden enemies. Has 1 charge, or 2 if the Specialist has a GREMLIN Mark III.


Covering Fire – Overwatch shots can now be triggered by enemy actions, not just movement.


Threat Assessment – Aid Protocol now grants the target a Covering Fire Overwatch shot, but the Aid Protocol cooldown is increased by 1 turn.


Ever Vigilant – If you spend all of your actions on moves, you are granted an automatic overwatch shot at the end of the turn.


Guardian – Grants 50% chance during Overwatch to perform an additional shot if the previous Overwatch shot hits. There’s no limit as to how many times Guardian can trigger.


Restoration – The GREMLIN flies to each squad member, healing or reviving them as needed. Once per mission.


Capacitor Discharge – Send the GREMLIN to a location where it emits a substantial electric discharge, damaging and potentially stunning all nearby units. Robotic units take more damage. Once per mission.

XCOM 2 Specialist Tips & Tricks

  • Although Combat Protocol can be potent against enemy mechanical units you will almost ALWAYS need a Specialist with Medical Protocol in your squad. Stack the effects with Field Medic and a secondary Medkit in your equipment and the Specialist can heal up to 4 times per mission – making them vital when engaging large groups of enemies or encountering enemies for the first time.
  • Restoration is one of the most rewarding abilities in the game. It will fly to every member of your squad, regardless of distance and either heal them or revive them if they are down. Although it can be used only once per mission it is a fantastic counter for unexpected damage across your entire squad
  • A second Specialist stacked with Scanning Protocol can be a fantastic counter for hidden enemies and traps.
  • Threat Assessment can be a fantastic recovery option if you over extend with a soldier and are unable to initiate Overwatch yourself. The Threat Assessment both increases defensive abilities and provides a free, single use of Overwatch to the target
  • Threat Assessment & Guardian can be an incredible combination. You can use a heal or other single-turn ability and then turn Threat Assessment onto yourself. In a single turn you could heal a near-death ally and then launch 2 Overwatch attacks against an enemy.

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