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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Core Crystal Location Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Core Crystal Location Guide
Want to find Core Crystals? This Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Core Crystal Location Guide will tell you where to find Core Crystals, what boosters to use when opening crystals and other information useful to making you and your Blades a force to be reckoned with. Luck greatly increases your chances of finding rare and special Blades inside Core Crystals so if you have any items or food that buffs Luck, be sure to put that on.

Core Crystals can be found in various places on your journey through Xenoblade Chronicles 2. When you find a crystal and open it, the reward is not fixed. You can get any number of Blades, from rare and powerful allies to rather disappointing comrades that you replace as soon as humanly possible. Common Crystals are very easy to find so we don’t mention those.

Below is a list of all the Core Crystals we’ve discovered in the game so far:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Core Crystal Location Guide

Chapter 2 End Boss Fight
Inherited Core Crystal
Dawnview Grotto Rare Core Crystal
Chapter 3 Rare Core Crystal
Flooded Chest
Boss Rare Crystals

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Legendary Core Crystal Location Guide

Beastly Core Crystal
Rocs Core Crystal

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a huge game but we’re updating this guide as we progress through it. Check back soon for updates to our Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Core Crystal Location Guide.

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