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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide – Division Spoils And How To Claim Division Rewards

Xenoblade Chronicles X - Division Spoils And How To Claim Division Rewards
Xenoblade Chronicles X is filled to the brim with rewarding features and mechanics but one of these may have you puzzled. Worry not as our Division Spoils and Division rewards guide will tell you where you need to go to unlock rewards earned by your Division through online play.

As you explore the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X you will eventually have to choose a Division. Once you’ve joined a Division you can earn rewards for completing your Division specific objectives. These vary depending on your Division and include everything from picking up items and taking down enemies to defeating Tyrants and exploring new regions.

After a short time completing your objectives for your Division you may notice a Division Spoils icon light up on your Wii U gamepad in the top right corner. Highlighting this icon tells you that you have Division rewards available.

The exact type of rewards depends on your Division’s performance online, so it’s not just based on your personal achievements. To unlock rewards, which seem to refresh once per day, you need to go to the BLADE Headquarters. Once inside walk through to a large circular room and you will location a Division terminal. Access the terminal and select the Divisions option

You will need to connect to online to receive your reward but once you do you can choose from a series of items depending on your Division’s achieved rank for the day before. Simply pick your reward and your done. You can only choose a single reward so don’t pick one of the lesser items.

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