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Yakuza 0 Dream Machine Guide

Yakuza 0 Dream Machine Guide
The city of Kamurocho and surrounding areas in Yakuza 0 are home to special vending machines called Dream Machine’s. This Yakuza 0 Dream Machine Guide provides a list of all of the items you can purchase from the Dream Machine’s scattered throughout the game world as well as a map detailing the locations of each of the Dream Machines we’ve discovered.

Where To Find Dream Machine’s In Yakuza 0 – Kamurocho

Where To Find All Dream Machines In Yakuza 0

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Where To Find Dream Machine’s In Yakuza 0 – Sotenbori


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Yakuza 0 Dream Machine Guide

10,000 Dream Machine Items
Mega Drive Stuffed Toy
Staminan XX
Extra Spiked Tires
Steel Shin Guards
Jet Black Jacket (Majima)
Obsidian (Majima)

100,000 Dream Machine Items
Secret Stash Binding
Spark 15000V
Ultra Soft Tires
Toughness Emperor

1,000,000 Dream Machine Items
Ultra Speed God Gears
Shiitake Mushroom
Godspeed Motor Mark II
Steel Business Card
Swiss Watch
Matsutake Mushroom
Spiked Taiko Sticks
Expired Lunch Set
Golden Rifle (Majima)
Toughness Infinity (Majima)
Godslayer Charm (Majima)

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