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Yakuza 0 Equipment Search Guide

Yakuza 0 Majima Equipment Search Guide

In Yakuza 0, you will eventually unlock a little mini game called Equipment Search. This is one of the mini games that Majima can do in his spare time. Check out this Yakuza 0 Equipment Search Guide to get the weapons and armor you want.

Yakuza 0 Majima Equipment Search Guide

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You can do a few things other than equipment search here as well. You can buy, sell, repair and craft items. Most of those are pretty self-explanatory but we will get into the crafting section a bit later. You can also use the repair function to reload your guns as well. Also, anything you can buy here, you can also buy with Kiryu when you unlock the branch in his area.

When you begin you will have a few areas unlocks to choose from. As you progress in the game you will unlock new areas to search and new people to send out. The newer areas will always be more pricey as will the agents you send out. This also results in better equipment when your agents return from missions. This doesn’t mean you can’t go back to a lower level area to get materials though, you just can’t bring the more expensive agents to them.

For an example let’s just say you are looking for a Butterfly Knife. So you select the Hunters’ Village because it is pretty cheap and you don’t have a ton of Yen to spend at the moment.

Equpiment search shotgun

From there you will have agents to select. Some agents will have higher stats in finding the gun you are looking for. Let’s say you are looking for the slime gun, again this is an example. Look through your agents until you find the one with the highest number on the Butterfly Knife. For me it was the Ex-Police Officer. Select the agent you want to send out and you will be able to add more Yen on top of what you have to pay to send them.

slime gun

As you increase it, the odds of them finding the equipment you want will go up as well. Now this is a double-edged sword because other equipment rates will go up as well. This is why you want to try to find someone with 20 or more extra on the piece of equipment you want if possible. This guy had 40 to the butterfly Knife and that was 30 above the Spicy Knife and 10 above the other two closest to it. As you increase it, the higher his odds are at getting what you want. Also the more you spend, the quicker the agent will get back.

agent paid

This will also increase the odds of them finding materials as well, which you can see by pressing R1. These are used in crafting blueprints. This comes into play a bit later because you most likely won’t have materials to start with. There is also a Lucky find and Guaranteed find. Lucky find is just that, sometimes they get lucky and find whatever that item is on top of what they bring back. Guaranteed find is the material your agent will always bring back. When your agent comes back you will get a page alerting you they have returned.

You can increase your agents chance off success by purchasing upgrades at the shrine and by using talismans that give them better luck. You can get the talismans by doing certain side quests. When you get your page, return to get your reward.

agent results

As you can see, even after giving an additional 3 million I didn’t get what I wanted. Getting a specific item is a bit of a hit a miss but that’s why they come back quick. Sometimes you will get Blueprints that you can use to craft items instead of actually getting an item itself. When that happens, go to craft equipment and you can check what you need to crate the item. If it has a ??? that means you don’t have the material at all yet. If you can see the material and want to craft the item, head to the search page and find it. Again, adding more money will increase your odds of getting the material you want. If you are a really lucky, an agent will have the material as a Guaranteed find and you can just get it that way.

That pretty much sums up how the Equipment Search function works in Yakuza 0.

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