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Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide

Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide
Yakuza 0 plays host to a huge number of exciting and rewarding side activities and mechanics, one of which is the friendship system. This Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide will tell you what people you can befriend, how to increase their friendship bar and other useful information including how to unlock each friend.

Once you have unlocked a character that you can befriend you need to check the completion screen for information pertaining to their friendship levels. From the main menu go to the “Completion List” and then navigate to “Adventure” before scrolling right to “Substories”. Here you will find information on your current friends.

Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide Kazuma Kiryu

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Yakuza 0 includes a variety of different characters that you can encounter and sometimes befriend. Most of these are related to the many different Substories within the game, although others are hidden away and more difficult to find. Below is a list of all the characters we’ve befriended with Kazuma Kiryu, how to increase their friendship bar and the rewards for doing so.

[accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 2: Befriend Officer Kikuchi’] Befriend Officer Kikuchi
You can unlock Officer Kikuchi as a friend once you’ve started exploring in Chapter 2. Progress through until it becomes daytime again, after you sleep at your apartment. From there head to the location marked on the map to complete the Substory there. This unlocks Officer Kikuchi as a potential friend.

After speaking with him the first time return after doing some more missions and fights. Eventually he will ask to search you again. You can max out his friendship bar whilst still in Chapter 2, just be sure to check back often.

Eventually, he’ll get into a conflict and you’ll have to help. Clear out the enemies.

You get a Sacrifice Stone as a reward (If you die you don’t lose anything, once)[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 2: Befriend Pocket Circuit Fighter’] Pocket Circuit Fighter
Head to the location marked on the map during daylight hours in Chapter 2. Speak with the lady outside before heading inside and beating Pocket Circuit Fighter in a race. Following your victory he will become a friend.

Raising his friendship bar is simple enough. Just complete Pocket Circuit races and each victory will increase his friendship. When the kids start to tease him, choose to tell them he’s not a virgin. Keep winning races until Pocket Circuit Fighter leaves the arena. Then leave and head to Nakamichi Street. You’ll find him there handing out Pocket Tissues. Select the kids are waiting on you.

Progress further into the friendship and he will run off again, this time he’s at Public Park 3. This park is on Tenkaichi Alley, at the save point there.

Once you max the friendship you get a Devil Killer as a reward – a Pocket Circuit Car.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 2: Befriend Miho, Convenience Store Clerk’] Miho, Convenience Store Clerk
Complete her Substory during Chapter 2. You can find her at the location above. To raise her friendship level you simply have to make purchases at the store. Buy a couple of items at a time over and over, don’t bulk buy more than 2-3 at a time. Eventually you will get a choice, choose to have a Parcel Delivery Service. The next choice is the Miso Cutlets.

You get a Berserker Charm as a reward (increase Heat when “you’re in a jam”)
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 2: Befriend Kitajima The Shroomer’] The Mushroom Merchant
During Chapter 2 head to this location to speak with The Mushroom Merchant. Complete his Substory and you will be able to befriend him. Directly after speaking with him you can purchase mushrooms from him. The more expensive the mushroom, the higher the increase in friendship. You can purchase 2 mushrooms initially, before he leaves.

Return after doing some other missions, fights etc. Kitajima will eventually re-appear in the same place but this time there will be two guys harassing him. Take them down and you can buy more mushrooms. Return again later and there will be another group of Yakuza. Take them out and then choose Theme Song.

The final fight is against several Mafia enemies. They are pretty strong but it’s more of the same. You only get 1 CP for this.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 5: Befriend Mr Libido Akimoto’] Mr. Libido
When you first return to the city in Chapter 5 head to this location to speak with Mr Libido and activate the friendship option. This guy is a massive pain as he is constantly moving around the map and there is no icon displayed. Just be sure to look out for a bald guy wearing a leather jacket, it’s a unique look.

At each location he will ask for a specific telephone card. I wasn’t able to figure out exactly what card was tied to each clue as I already had the cards. The best way to complete this Substory is to go to the Shrine and spend CP on the item that makes a noise when a telephone card is near. Equip that and then continue with other activities. Keep your ears open for the noise and grab any cards you come across.

This is where I first found him. Shortly after you unlocked the Real Estate mini-game. Head to the location and speak with him.

Befriend Mr Libido Akimoto Location 2
This was the second location where I discovered him.

Befriend Mr Libido Akimoto Location 3
This was the third location

Befriend Mr Libido Akimoto Location 4
This was the fourth location

Mr Libido Akimoto Location 5
This was the fifth location

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 5: Befriend Haruki’] The Flirty Hook Up
Head to the Boys Club and participate in the mini-game. You have to complete the mini-game to get Haruki’s pager number and then you can invite her to various dating spots around the city. There are multiple girls at this mini-game so it may take a few attempts. I think it is a different girl for each package, so try getting each of the 3 packages on offer at the Boys Club.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 5: Befriend Ayaka’] The Flirty Hook Up
Head to the Boys Club and participate in the mini-game. You have to complete the mini-game to get Ayaka’s pager number and then you can invite her to various dating spots around the city. There are multiple girls at this mini-game so it may take a few attempts. I think it is a different girl for each package, so try getting each of the 3 packages on offer at the Boys Club.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 5: Befriend Riku’] Head to the Boys Club and participate in the mini-game. I found Riku doing the middle package. She says she is wearing blue clothes and has short hair. Pick the one wearing blue and she’ll become your friend.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 6: Befriend Emiri Mach Bowl Receptionist’] Emiri Mach Bowl Receptionist
Head to the Mach Bowl bowling alley during Chapter 6 after you have unlocked the Real Estate mini-game. Ask to compete against the staff. Win 1 match and you will unlock the option to become friends with Emiri. You can play several games of bowling to raise her friendship bar but you cannot max it out until you reach a certain part of progressing with the story and the Real Estate mini-game.

Once you have defeated The Leisure King and unlocked the other territories for the Real Estate, you can speak with Emiri again to progress further.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 6: Befriend Sushi Gin Chef’] Sushi Gin Chef
Head to the location marked on the map, the Sushi Gin shop. Purchase a couple of dishes and you get a Substory, completing the Substory allows you to befriend the Sushi Gin Chef. Buy a few dishes and it will transition to the next stage. You need to collect some fish. You can either fish these yourself or just buy them from the special store you unlock when you complete the Kazuma Kiryu Substory #8 – Password Protected. Hand in all the fish to proceed to the next stage.

You will get the Sushi Gin shop for your Real Estate stuff.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 6: Befriend Luka at SEGA Hi-Tech Land’] Luka-at-SEGA-Hi-Tech-Land
Head into the SEGA arcade and play in the racing game. Luka will approach you afterwards. Return a little later to race and beat her score to receive an Alertness Hood.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 3: Befriend Mr. Moneybags Fukushima’] Kamurochos Mr. Moneybags
You must first complete Kazuma Kiryu Substory #49 – Kamurochos Mr. Moneybags before you can find Fukushima at the Vincent bar. You increase the friendship bar through investing money between the two characters, although the amount is limited depending on your progress through the story.

Yakuza 0 Friendship Guide Goro Majima

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Goro Majima is also able to befriend the various characters he meets while you take control of him during the main story. Below is a list of all of the characters we’ve encountered as Majima as well as information on befriending them and any rewards you receive.

[accordion_item title=’Chapter 3: Befriend Doll Girl’] Yakuza 0 Substory The Doll Girl
Speak to the girl outside of the arcade and Majima will tell her to go home. Enter the arcade and come back out to find some thugs messing with the girl. Take them out and the girl will tell you about the Red Squirrel Doll she wants from the grab machine inside. It is the pink Squirrel in the machine. Second, she wants the blue Squirrel doll in the machine. She will ask to call you daddy after the second gift, you can say no but she will call you it anyways. The third item she wants is one of those fat Pink birds with a hat on. I had to tip mine over to get it in the claw properly. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 3: Befriend Gandhara Video Clerk’] Gandhara Clerk
You need to head to the Gandhara Sotenbori erotic video store. Watch a video of any girl whose card you have discovered and you will have the opportunity to befriend the Video Clerk afterwards.

Now you have the rather terrible task of constantly watching soft core videos. That’s right, you need to watch about 15 different videos to increase the friendship bar to its maximum with this guy. Who said video-games weren’t fun?

After watching a bunch of videos you’ll be told about a legendary tape. Head to the ! mark on the map, it’s just East of the video tape store, and speak to the lady in the white dress. She’ll tell you that she’s cold. Head to the convenience store to pick up some Oden Soup. Return to give her the soup and get the tape.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 7: Befriend Komians Chef’] Komians Chef
Head to the Komian restaurant and buy any dish. This will initiate a friendship with Komians Chef. Keep returning to eat meals and eventually you’ll be sent on a task to gather a few ingredients.

You will need to find One Salmon, One Softshell Turtle and an Eel. Head to the Pawn Shop to pick up the Peerless Rod if you don’t already have one and then go down by the river to do some fishing. It’s not a 100% chance but the Eel’s are the very long and skinny shadows. I was only able to catch a Softshell Turtle when fishing in the river at night, I used some special bait that I got from a Dream Machine. You can purchase normal baits from the M Store Sotenbori in the North East corner of the town. I used normal bait at night to catch the Salmon. You get a Trouble Finder for completing this Substory.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 7: Befriend STIJLs Barkeep’] STIJLs Barkeep
Head to the Shot Bar STIJL and order any drink to start a friendship with the bartender. You have to keep buying drinks to raise his friendship level. You can purchase an item from the Drug Store over the road to reduce your alcohol level quicker than normal. Eventually he’ll ask you to watch the bar while he runs an errand. During this time customers will ask questions. The answer to the first question is “Sherry”. The second is “Ballantines”. The last one is “Fruity”.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 7: Befriend Sotenboris Mr Moneybags’] Sotenboris Mr Moneybags
Head to this location during Chapter 7. You increase the friendship bar through investing money between the two characters, although the amount is limited depending on your progress through the story.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 7: Befriend Kyoko At SEGA Hi-Tech Land’] Kyoko At SEGA Hi-Tech Land
Head to the SEGA Hi-Tech Land and play a game of Space Harrier. Keep playing the game to raise her friendship bar. Eventually she’ll give you two challenges to beat her high scores, they are pretty low so you shouldn’t have any problems. Continue through and you’ll unlock the Fantasy Zone mini-game when you max her friendship.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 8: Befriend Mr Libido – Habu’] Sotenboris Mr Libido
Head to the Gandhara Sotebori store during night time in Chapter 8. Habu, Mr Libido, will bump into you there. This is the same as Mr Libido in the other city. You have to find him at various points around the city and share any cards/videos you’ve discovered with him. Below is a list of the locations he can be found. Make sure you use the Card Watcher item from the Shrine to find all the cards.

Mr Libido Location 1

Mr Libido Location 2

Once you’ve spotted him at various locations head back to the video shop and watch any new videos. He’ll appear and discuss the latest hot girls with you. It may be specific videos, I’m not certain.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 8: Befriend Simon The Mystery Man’] Mystery Caller
Head to this location. There is a phonebox. When you try to use it you will get a call from a guy called Simon. He’ll send you on a series of missions to pick up rare and valuable weapons, most of which can be found through the Dragon & Tiger mini-game. After dropping in the first item, you can start to build friendship with Simon.

The Chinese Broadsword can be found in East Asia at the Underground Market. The Tourmaline is a basic healing item, not difficult to find. Next up is the Sakura Storm – another item from the Dragon & Tiger. That’s the last item, then you need to save Simon on the South path near the river.

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

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