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Yakuza 0 Sotenbori Sunshine Cabaret Club Czar Guide

Yakuza 0 is filled with awesome and rewarding mini-games, one of which is the Sunshine Cabaret Club Czar. This Yakuza 0 Sotenbori Sunshine Cabaret Club Czar Guide will cover everything you need to know including the hostess’s, training, opening, makeovers and more.

Yakuza 0 Sotenbori Sunshine Cabaret Club Czar Guide – Introduction

Hostesses & Hostess Stats
Hostesses & Hostess Stats
There are a number of Hostesses that you can recruit. Some are given at the beginning, others are unlocked through Substories and a few can be found when exploring the city. They come in different qualities, from Bronze up to Platinum. Platinum Hostesses are the best, they have higher stats, can be trained to improve level and can be used in makeovers to improve the looks section. There are several elements of a Hostess you need to pay close attention to.

As you use a Hostess their condition drops, marked by the face icon near the level. If their condition drops so does their performance. You need to open the club and not select them, giving them a night off if you will. This will improve their condition.

The abilities will be explained in Working tables. Hostess Points (HP) is used every time a Hostess is sitting at a table. A single other stat is also drained depending on the table. Finally the looks section. When someone sits at a table it will often say “Prefers Sexy” or “Prefers Cute”, it’s always best to place girls that excel in that area. As with the Real Estate mini-game, X is bad, triangle is poor, single circle is good, double circle is best.

Special Training
One of the options when managing the club is Special Training. This feature is only available to Hostesses that are Platinum. It is not available for other girls and you cannot raise girls from their original value. Special Training is a mini-game where you speak 1 to 1 with a specific girl. During the conversation you have to make choices. It’s completely different for each girl so get to know their personalities and the type of responses required to return a positive response. A positive response increases the progress bar. If you get the progress bar to full you get a “Perfect Training” bonus. This adds a huge XP bonus to the Special Training. Which is there to increase the level of your best Hostesses.

Cast On Duty
Before you open your club you need to assign the Hostesses that will be working the floor that night. You don’t have to worry too much about cost as you’ll always make a profit when done right. Pick a good balance of Hostesses, ensuring you have some general low-level ones that cover most areas for the cheap clients, and then more specific higher-end girls for the richer clients. For example, Yuki with some new clothes can have maximum Beauty and Cute so I would also take Shizuka for Sexy and Etsuko for Funny, that covers 4 bases with 3 girls. Using a similar formula moving forward, just use more Hostesses as your club gets busier. You also want to make sure you have a balance of the personality types, party, love, skill etc.

Working Tables
Hostess Stats
This is the most important aspect of managing your club, working the tables and the showroom floor. It’s pretty easy early on as you’ll only need a couple of girls. When someone arrives you’ll see a countdown on a table, highlight the table and press X as soon as they are seated. Countdowns are frozen here so no need to panic. You will see the customers mood represented by a face. The higher their mood the more they buy, they also provide a boost to popularity if they leave with the happy purple face.

Scroll down your list of girls and find the one with the best response. You’ll see the customers face change depending on the girl you have highlighted. Choose carefully. Don’t waste your best girl on a poor client and don’t use girls with low HP. The happiness of a client is a split between appearance and abilities but if you can nail both, it’s very profitable. For example, a client comes in wanting “Love” and “Beauty” if you have a girl with both, that’s the best you can deliver.

Hand Signals
When you sit a Hostess at a table there’s a small chance a random event will occur at some point. The Hostess will call out to you and you’ll be asked to go over to the table, you have to be fast. Use Triangle to inspect the table and the Hostess will make a gesture, you have to guess what this gesture means and pick the appropriate response. This is a fantastic way of both increasing a clients happiness and also increasing the stats of a girl, restoring HP is vital once you get more popular.

Below is a list of the gestures, explained best I could, and the correct response for each. Ignore what the selection box on the left says in these images, the appropriate response is in large lettering under each image.

Hand Signals

Check Please
At the end of their session clients will call for the check. Be sure to respond quickly so you can get more seats empty for your next clients. There are a number of options when you ask for a check, below is a list of the options and the impact they have.

  • Give Expensive Gift – Raises happiness of client (Can increase fan-base)
  • Extend Sessions – Offers to extend session. Has most success when client is highest happiness with Platinum Hostess.
  • Gracious Send Off – Medium rise of happiness of client (Can increase fan-base)
  • Give Girl A Reward – Restores girls stats greatly, can increase experience points
  • Praise Girl – Girl recovers a little
  • Our Apologies – Only use if guest leaves less than happy

Rival Club Battles
Once you have acquired most of the properties and have enough fans to rival that of a club in another area, you are challenge to a Club Battle. This is basically a single night on the floor directly competing with the other club. The winner is decided based on the total profit earned. As long as you’ve got enough good Hostesses, the technique to winning these is mostly the same. Ensure you level up your Hostesses. If you just go and pay all the partners then shoot for a challenge, you’ll lose. Make sure you do a good 10+ nights between anything else. Keep your Platinum girls trained as much as possible and remember, when you are challenging another club do not spend anything on gifts unless your Hostess is desperate for some HP.

Mars Area Potential Partners

  • Gandhara (You need to befriend the clerk at Gandhara Sotenbori and you get this partnership free)
  • Cabaret Ron Ron
  • Salon Rose
  • Salon Salary Man
  • Sushi Eeyaro
  • Rakuen-en
  • Liko Massage
  • Izakaya Naniwa
  • Nukiya Massage
  • Konnon’s Meats

Jupiter Area Potential Partners

  • Smart Ball
  • Bunza Theater
  • Maido Diner
  • Kawachi-ken
  • Hyotan
  • Misuta Realty
  • Mikado
  • Nishihori Rice
  • Sushi Toki
  • Yakitor Kabachi

Mercury Area Potential Partners

  • Komian
  • Kokusai Ghetto
  • Barber Ashitaba
  • Sushi Tsuru
  • M Zoku Sotenbori
  • Katsu Kin
  • The Megalopolis
  • Exodus
  • Hammurabi
  • Ryoshimaru

Venus Area Potential Partners

  • SEGA HT Land (You need to befriend Kyoko inside before you can partner with SEGA)
  • Fuguta
  • Gyu-Masu
  • Sokyu Cinema
  • Cakes Marianne
  • Winde West
  • Yakitor Torikko
  • Death Curry
  • Kabuki Theater
  • Crepe Cats

Moon Area Potential Partners

  • Shot Bar STIJL (You need to befriend STIJLs Barkeep)
  • Fuguno Sakai
  • Yokohori Theater
  • Meshibugyo
  • Tetsuji’s Tripe
  • Ka-en Restaurant
  • Hama-don
  • New Garcia
  • Namidazaka Bar
  • Akantare

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