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Yakuza 4 Fashionista Trophy

Yakuza 4 Fashionista Trophy

In Yakuza 4 there are tones of different mini games to play and one of them involves recruiting hostesses and training them to become the number one hostess of the club. During this mini game you can get the trophy Fashionista which is missable  if you skip over the game.

During Yakuza 4 you play as four different characters. One of which is named Akiyama. As you play with him you will receive a call from the manager of Elise asking you to help with the recruitment of new hostesses. The Fashionista trophy requires you to dress up the hostesses in 23 different types of outfits.

Anyways you have to get the hostesses in order and make each one number one before you can grab the next.

First is Hiyori and she is in front of the Millennium Tower. The second is Nanami and she is at the Cuez bar in the underground mall. The last one you can recruit is Kyoko and she is in the Bantam Bar in the Millennium Tower east.

Now in order to get the Fashionista trophy in Yakuza 4 you have to get 23 different types of outfits for the girls.

Here is the list of outfits you need one of each not one of each color.

1. One shoulder Dress

2. Charming Off shoulder dress

3. Belted Off shoulder dress

4. Off shoulder dress

5. Long Halter dress6.

6. Halter dress

7. Sexy dress

8. Gathered dress

9. Mermaid dress

10. Short halter dress

11. Two-piece dress

12. Long two-piece

13. Mini skirt dress

14. Layered dress

15. bubble dress

16. Lovely dress

17. Camisole dress

18. Crossover top dress

19. Ladies suit

20. Juniors Suit

21. Chinese dress

22. Maid outfit

23. Schoolgirl uniform

Remember you need one of each category not every single one.

So there you have it fashionista trophy in Yakuza 4. One of the many mini games you can do in your spare time. Hope you enjoy your stay in Japan.



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