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Yakuza 4 Finding The Info Dealer

Yakuza 4 Finding The Info Dealer

Alright in the second part of Yakuza 4 you play as Taiga Saejima. The first thing you have to do is find your old boss. In order to do this you must first locate the Legendary info dealer. After going to the old spot they used to be located you are directed to some other homeless person who isn’t of much help. You go to your old apartment and find a framilier face. He will lead you to his hideout and the rest of the homeless people.

After speaking with the homeless people you leave the underground and are found by another homeless person. He says his master needs help and you go and help him. After helping him by beating up the goons you can talk to the other homeless people in the sewer. One of them will tell you about finding a man named Kage the florist. He doesn’t say where to find him but that’s what I’m here for. They tell you about the door in the bathroom to get to purgatory but once you get there it is locked. Saegima says back to square one and that’s it.

So I had no idea where to find this Legendary Info dealer in Yakuza 4 so I went searching around town. After awhile I finally talked to the right person and he mentioned Kage the florist. This person is at the intersection of Shichifuku street and the hotel district. It is a worker with a helmet on. He is near some bikes talking to himself. He tells you that Kage the florist is in purgatory and the way to get there is through a manhole in the Children’s park. If you look on the map it’s pretty much right up the street.

Once you get there of course some goons try to take you down. Beat them then enter the manhole. Once inside take it all the way to the end and find Kage the florist who is actually the legendary info dealer.

So there you have it finding the Legendary info dealer in  Yakuza 4. Not so hard really just had to look around a bit. Enjoy the rest of the game.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article! I had no idea where to find the right guy to talk to. Great post! 🙂

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