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Yakuza 5 Substory Guide

Yakuza 5 Remastered Substory Guide
Kiryu and friends return in another epic installment of the Yakuza franchise. In this Yakuza 5 Substory Guide we’ll go over all of the different Substories available for each of the five unique characters that you can play during the story in Yakuza 5 Remastered.

As with all of the Yakuza games, the Substories in Yakuza 5 are a fantastic way of exploring more of the game world. Interacting with new characters, learning more about the background stories of friends, and some of the rewards are pretty awesome too. Unlike some of the other Yakuza titles, the Substories in Yakuza 5 are much easier to find. The vast majority of them are displayed on the map with an “?” icon. As such, we’re keeping this one simple.

Kiryu Substories Guide

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SubstoryPart, Chapter, LocationDetails
A Plea To The GodsPart 1: Chapter 2,West Bridge (Nagasugai)Speak with the Prep Student. The answers are as follows

One in 6
Commodore Perry
Gravitational Energy
Seize The Day
Taxi SOSPart 1: Chapter 2, Udon West (Nagasugai)Speak with the Somber Realist. Follow the taxi (? icon) around town.
Another HarukaPart 1: Chapter 2,
East Nagasugai
Near the waters edge you'll hear a dog whimper. Head down and beat down the bullies. Head to the cafe in the center of town
Dragon Seafood BowlPart 1: Chapter 2, North Chikuzengawa Street (Nagasugai)Speak with the fisherman. Catch a fish then go sea fishing. You don't have to beat him to complete the Substory.
Got To Be FirmPart 1: Chapter 2 (Night), Ramen Stall South West of Town (Nagasugai)Speak with the guy inside the Ramen shop and complete the Ramen mini-game.
The Spangled MeteorPart 1: Chapter 2 (Night), Fukuhaku Street (Nagasugai)Approach the ? to start the Substory. After you complete your first taxi mission, this Substory continues on Nagasu Boulevard (Nagasugai). Then head to the Taxi place to speak with the next woman and unlock a race event. Win the race.
Hunt For The KidnapperPart 1: Chapter 2 (Night), Chikuzengawa Street (Nagasugai)Speak to the Taxi Driver near the Taxi location. Overtake the kidnappers vehicle in a chase then lay down some Kiryu justice.
From A Far-off LandPart 1: Chapter 2 (Night), North Nagasu Boulevard (Nagasugai)Speak to the mother and child. Head to Taxi HQ and speak with Wada then leave. Next you have to visit an ATM and deposit cash for the kids. You have to do it 8 times total, costing 70,000 Yen.
Fast Food!Part 1: Chapter 2 (Night), East Meisei Street (Nagasugai)Speak to the man laying on the floor. Transport his stall to the location.
CyberterroismPart One: Chapter 2 (Night), Taxi HQSpeak with Muramatsu and help sort the computer. When the option comes up, don't let them pull out the power cord. Hirakawa comes back in and fixes it.
King Of The MixerPart 1: Chapter 2 (Night), East Ose Bridge Boulevard (Nagasugai)Complete the Taxi Race Mission Looking for a Son and this Substory appears. In the date I chose to drop the chopstick, introduce ourselves and play Kings Game and then 2-3 kiss (last one didn't work out well)
A Knock On The DoorPart 1: Chapter 3, Kiryu's ApartmentWhen you wake up in Chapter 3, leave the apartment then go back inside. Why buy a newspaper when you can whoop some ass? Beat him down to finish the Substory.
Mack ReturnsPart 1: Chapter 3You can't miss it, it's part of the story.
Dragon Mask ReduxPart 1: Chapter 4, South Nagasu BoulevardSpeak with the guy sitting down. Then had to Kiryu's apartment, examine the bag.
A Chance MeetingPart 1: Chapter 4, West Fukuhaku StreetSpeak with Muramatsu. After you meet Yuya, wait for a text and go to the next location. Then wait again and return later when ? appears.
Kiryu The ActorPart 1: Chapter 4, Chikuzengawa Street Speak with the injured man on the stairs. Then follow this:

I'm here to end this Brother
You're a Vampire
Defeat far left zombie first (Sweptback Hair)
Zombie in Hat
Zombie in Yellow Jacket
Zombie in Glasses
Let's see if you're Immortal
Hazy Moon you stole was fake
Defeat using Katana Heat attack
Boss is waiting in Hell
The Perfect SeasoningFinale, Chapter 1, Nakamichi StreetHead into Cafe Alps. You need to complete all of Tatsuya's restaurant requests for every character
?????FinalComplete all Substories then visit New Serena as Kiryu

Saejima Substories Guide

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SubstoryPart, Chapter, LocationDetails
A Familiar DojoPart 2, Prologue (Kamurocho 2010), West Shichfuku StreetHead into the dojo for a fight.
A Special PlacePart 2, Prologue (Kamurocho 2010), West Shichfuku StreetAfter A Familiar Dojo. Leave the area and return
Big City Dreamin'Part 2, Chapter 3, Mountain Village (after hunting tutorials)Just South West of the cabin. Speak to Masao so he leaves the village. Then travel to Tsukimino with Baba. Get to the hideout in Tsukimino. Go back to the village after to speak with the mother. Then deliver the letter to Nakatsuki Street.
Snow Festival MapPart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino), West 4th Street (NW Corner of city)Speak with the man in the yellow jacket. Then answer the following:
A Magic Girl
Some Seals
A Whale
A Fox
Snow Festival PerformerPart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino), Main Street Public ParkSpeak with the performer before interacting with a snowman statue then speak with him again
The Frozen CityPart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino), North Lane AlleySpeak with the homeless man then head next door to buy some ramen. Return, give it to him, then go to the next ? North.
Set FreePart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino) North Lane,Speak to the man near the car crash and then fight the bear
Santa HuntersPart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino), North Lane West AlleySpeak with the Father Christmas. Take down the bad guys. Job done.
The Ultimate In WarmthPart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino), Tsukasa StSpeak with the man in the white suit. Put out the fire.
Slip And SlidePart 2, Chapter 4, (Tsukimino). Nakatsuki StI failed this one so be careful. You have to walk to help the man and then walk to deliver the dish. Save it before trying.
Gourmet TravelerPart 2, Chapter 4, Central BoulevardSpeak with the young girl. Go for dinner. Then use a Taxi to go to the Village to save her and hunt deer. When you speak with her, make sure the deer meat is in your inventory, not your storage.
Hunter And The HuntedPart 2, Chapter 4 (Near the end of the chapter) Lavender StreetWhen you leave the casino, head back into the bar and speak with the man. Go to leave, then talk again.
The Little Match GirlPart 2, Chapter 4 (Near the end of the chapter) Lavender StreetSpeak with the girl carrying the basket. Leave the area and return with some food, Ramen works fine.
Truth And LiesPart 2, Chapter 4 (Near the end of the chapter) Nakatsuki StreetSpeak with the two ladies. Then head North East to near Don's shop.
Winter CombatPart 2, Chapter 4 (Tsukimino) When you're preparing for the kidnap. After you scout the stage, this Substory appears nearby. Speak to the man.

Haruka Substories Guide

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SubstoryPart, Chapter, LocationDetails
The LettersPart 3, Chapter 2, West ShofukuchoOnce in the area you get an email. Then head to Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall for the interview. I chose the following answers: 2, 1, 1
SBR99Part 3, Chapter 2, South ShofukuchoApproach the area and and man speaks to Haruka. Complete the three events.
The Announcer SchoolPart 3, Chapter 2, Bunzaemon Outdoor MallSpeak to the woman handing out fliers. Answer the questions as follows:

2, 3, 1
Find The PaparazziPart 3, Chapter 2, East ShofukuchoSpeak with the man then head West down the street, Chase him down.
Autograph SessionPart 3, Chapter 2, West Sotenbori StSign autographs as follows

Yasuhiro Yamasaki
Misaki Takahashi
Toshikazu Sekiguchi
Hideaki Ishikawa
Akiharu Fukushima
Watami vs. Watamin-ChiPart 3, Chapter 2, Sotenbori StYou get a call from Yamaura and then have to return to the agency. At the interview, answer the following:

Good Home Cooking
Wearing An Apron
Sweet 17
Magical HarukaPart 3, Chapter 2, East Sotenbori StSpeak to the man outside Club SEGA. Complete the IF8 mini-game.
StarboundPart 3, Chapter 2, Iwao BridgeSpeak with the large lady. Win the dance battle.
The Comedian HopefulPart 3, Chapter 2, East Sotenbori StSpeak with the man near the save point. It's a comedy act. Press the right button when the banana reaches the red mark.

Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Manager For A DayPart 3, Chapter 2, East Sotenbori StSpeak with the vendor at the stand. Complete the handshake event.
Light And DarkPart 3, Chapter 2, Sotenbori FootpathSpeak with the woman at the waters edge and complete the dancing events. Wait until you get a text then return to her.
Gourmet ReporterPart 3, Chapter 3. Speak with Tatsuya on the West bridgeYou will need to complete his training. Visit these stores

Kushikatsu Daruma
Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

Then return to him and recommenced each restaurant. After he says he's going to make a sweet dish head to Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall in the South East. After you witness the launch of the new dish, Tatsuya will appear near your apartment.
A Source Of StrengthPart 3, Chapter 4, Dyna ChairHead inside and speak with Yamaura. Follow the ?'s. Do the dancing event.
Nakamichi StreetFinale, Chapter 4, (After you meet Baba)Head toward the crowd.

Akiyama Substories Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’]
SubstoryPart, Chapter, LocationDetails
Okonomiyaki PerformerPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) Bunzaemon Outdoor MallSpeak with the vendor, beat down the thugs.
Barter WarsPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) Bunzaemon Outdoor MallSpeak with the clapping salesman. Do some shopping for the lady, following her advice.
Dancin' AkiyamaPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) Bunzaemon Outdoor MallSpeak with the couple. Beat down the thugs and win the dance contest.
A Moneylender's PrinciplesPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) Iwao BridgeSpeak with the guy about to jump then follow him to the lender.
Story Of A Stubborn FoolPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) East Sotenbori StSpeak with the man in the chef outfit. Beat down the thugs
A New Kid On The BlockPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) East Sotenbori StSpeak with the man in the suit. Beat him down and chase him for your wallet.
The Cursed PrintCirclePart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) West Sotenbori StSpeak with the two girls. Head to Club SEGA take a photograph in the booth after the girls. Then chase the ghost. Then back to Club SEGA
Subsidized RelationshipsPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) Bishamon BridgeSpeak with the girl on the bridge. Then head South to the hotel. Beat down the pervert then the group of thugs.
Geriatric Dance-OffPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) West ShofukuchoLook at the dancing granny. Beat her down. In the dance contest, sicko.
A Quirky IdolPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) ShofukuchoHead to the location, you'll bump into a girl then get a call. Save before this as there's lot of choices. Follow the ? until the park. Magazine Interview is first, next up is Love to See You Smile and then Love Check Quiz. Stay in character for the first two. The quiz answers as follows:

True, False, False, True
True, False, True, True
False, False
Giving Up On A DreamPart 3, Chapter 3 (End of Chapter) West ShofukuchoSpeak with the lady in the white coat. Send her to collect on a loan. Go to South Shofukucho to check. Then send her to Cabaret.

The StalkerPart 3, Chapter 4, outside Dyna ChairSpeak with Yamaura. Head to the ? then chase the man down.
Money And PridePart 3, Chapter 4, Sky Finance OfficeAfter completing all other Substories prior, I got a text message to meet at the office. After the meeting go to the ? and fight.
Bad BoysFinale, Chapter 2, Taihei BoulevardWhen you start as Akiyama in the Finale, this Substory appears.
Treats From All OverFinale, Final Chapter Nakamichi StreetHead to the restaurant and speak with the chef. Go back to Serena and ask the guys.

Shinada Substories Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’]
SubstoryPart, Chapter, LocationDetails
Shinada's InterviewPart 4, Chapter 2, Tsumigi StreetSpeak with the manager. The answers don't mate, either way you're fighting men in loin cloth.
Next!Part 4, Chapter 2, Tsumigi StreetSpeaker with the Barker then beat him down.
The Sweet SpotPart 4, Chapter 2, North Tsumigi StreetHead into the Batting Center. Speak with Pedro and agree to help him.
Want To Party?Part 4, Chapter 2, Ginkgo StreetSpeak with the foreign woman. Head to Osumi Drugstore and grab a Staminan X or another drink.
Dirty HeartPart 4, Chapter 2, Obiita StreetStand outside the M Store and you meet an old friend. Follow her then beat up the boyfriend.
Shinada The Store ClerkPart 4, Chapter 2, Obiita Street M StoreSpeak with the store owner and serve the following:

Microwave & Fork,9,700 Yen

Microwave, 1x Steam Bun, 2x Bean Paste Buns, 2 Pizza Buns, 3x 50, 3x80

Nothing in particular. May I check your age. 8,900 change.
Saving YourselfPart 4, Chapter 2, Kumano BoulevardSpeak with the man in the tuxedo then follow the girl to the next ?. Beat down the thugs
Getting Rich QuickPart 4, Chapter 2, Goshiki StreetSpeak with the man, catch the chicken. You unlock chicken races.
The Old Scout's EyesPart 4, Chapter 2, North Kume BoulevardA man approaches you, then go with Seto. Follow the ? and beat down the guys at the end.
Getting It SortedPart 4, Chapter 2, East Goshiki StreetSpeak with the man picking up the papers. The answers are 4,2,1,3 and 3,2,1,4. If you get it wrong, no reward.
Get Out The VotePart 4, Chapter 2, Oval StageSpeak with the politician then come back later to do the speech. Answers are:

Shachoko Ramen
National Treasury
Corporate Tax
Raise Child Tax Benefit
A Precious MealPart 4, Chapter 2, Oval StageSpeak with the man sitting down. Head West to the M Store and buy a Miso Katsu Lunch Set for 490 Yen then go back to the man.
The Great ScoopPart 4, Chapter 3, East Honjincho St (partway through Chapter 3)After you speak with the Editor head west further up Honjincho St, the guy is outside Club Eden.
Daddy PapaPart 4, Chapter 3, Kume Boulevard (After completing The Great Scoop)Speak with the lady surrounded by thugs. The answers and locations make no difference.
Miki-Chan's JobPart 4, Chapter 4, Kinei Batting CenterHead inside the batting center and speak with the lady behind the desk. Exit, return, and speak with her again.

We will continue to update this Yakuza 5 Remastered Substory Guide as we progress through the story and unlock more characters.

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