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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Baseball Guide

Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life Baseball Guide
Want to recruit the best players? Win games with the Warriors? This Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Baseball Guide will cover everything you need to know about the Baseball mini-game including where to recruit new players and how to advance through the different Substories.

You can get through the initial round or two with the base team but if you want to progress, you’ll want to level up and recruit new players. This Yakuza 6 Baseball Guide will cover every aspect, from recruiting new members to optimizing your substitutions and use of abilities.

Yakuza 6 Baseball Guide – How To Level Up Your Team

You will probably be able to steam through the first couple of challenge games but if you want to complete all the baseball Substories, you’ll have to level up your team. Whenever you win games you are rewarded with Tickets. If you complete bonus objectives from the optional games, you get additional Tickets. These Tickets can be spent before games, once per player. They provide a bonus of 100xp, which is typically the same as a great performance game. Each player that plays is rewarded XP, win or lose, but a good performance grants a much bigger XP boost.

If you find yourself struggling to progress through the Substories, farm some Tickets. For example, the Conditional Game Team In Stitches in the Vs Jingai Thunders section can provide a total of 7 Tickets if you can hit 3 times when you go to bat. Farm the ones with the most Tickets and easiest objectives to level your team up quickly. You’ll also want to recruit the best players.

Yakuza 6 Baseball Guide – Where To Find New Players

Once you have completed Substory #35: We Need A Ringer you are able to recruit new players to join the Warriors. Although this is not required, it’s a huge help when it comes to winning the more difficult games as some of the players are actually pretty decent. Below is a list of all 12 Baseball team members you can recruit in Yakuza 6.

  • Moritsuka – Complete Baseball Substory #35: We Need A Ringer
  • Gorchov – Complete Fishing Substory #48: Worlds Best Octopus
  • Kase-Senpai – You can find him in the Central Shopping District. You must have completed Substory #25: The Fools Who Dream
  • Kuramoto – You will find him just outside Yonetoku. Head to Nagi Pharmacy to buy him some Kakubin. Give it to him and he’ll join your team.
  • Genie – You can find him next to the taxi on the East end of Shishido Street. You need to give him some Sushi.
  • Kawamure – You can find him on Hana-no-kubo street. He asks for some RIZAP Protein which you can only buy in Kamurocho. Buy a MUSCLE from RIZAP.
  • Maetani – This guy is standing near the Shrine in the North West of Onomichi. It costs 1 million yen to recruit him
  • Hatakeyama-san – Complete Substory #41: Whats The Matter With Kids Today
  • Gen-san – Complete Substory #43: Tech Support then speak with Gen in the bar
  • Akiyoshi-san – Complete Substory #42: Powerful Memories and then speak with him at the bar
  • Yoshida – Complete Batting Center Substory #19: Step Up To The Plate
  • Gori-San – Complete Batting Center Substory #20: A Promise Between Men

Yakuza 6 Baseball Guide – When To Substitute & Roster Management

The majority of the baseball mechanics in Yakuza 6 are randomized based on the players’ parameters. That said, there are some things you can do to increase your teams abilities on the field. Pay attention to their current condition, arrows marked next to their names on the roster. Blue is weak, green is average, red is strong. While a high rated player can still perform well when weak, an already poor player becomes next to useless.

Also, pay attention to their abilities. My Gorchov pitcher has the ability Glass Heart. This is a negative effect. Once the opposing team hit his balls constantly, his Speed and Control decrease, making it much easier to hit his pitches. When this happens I substitute my relief pitcher, Moritsuka. His ability, Lifesaver, makes his pitching stronger if he joins the game in the later innings.

Check your players abilities and use them wisely to get the most out of their skillset.

Yakuza 6 Baseball Guide – Batter Up

Outside of recruiting the best players, your performance on the plate is one of the most influential aspects for your team. Randomly you will be selected to hit a ball, as Kiryu or any other player on your team. While a single swing in an inning may seem irrelevant, it is anything but. As long as you get a hit, that means reaching an actual base, you will provide a morale buff for your team. A first base hit will inspire them for a couple of pitches but a hit that brings in runs can keep them on fire for the duration.

Learn the pitches and get some big hits in. It goes a long way to leading your team to victory.

That wraps up our Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Baseball Guide. If you have any questions, post a comment below.

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