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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life RIZAP Training Guide

Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life RIZAP Training Guide
Want to maximize your gains at the RIZAP gym? This Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life RIZAP Training Guide covers everything you need to know from the different exercises you can do, to the food hints given to provide you with more bonus experience points.

You are first introduced to RIZAP during Substory #23: We Are Committed To Results. This will walk you through the basics of how the system works. You speak with your trainer to pick specific training activities, each of which provide bonus experience points in specific stats. Your trainer then provides you with a hint on what meal would best supplement your current training regime.

RIZAP Training Guide

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When you begin your training at RIZAP there are 6 different exercises that you can choose. Each of the exercises gives you a boost in experience to specific stats, as shown by the stat icons next to each of the sessions. Below is a quick breakdown of each of the different training sessions and what they offer.

Bench Press (Easy)
Smash L1 and R1 as fast as possible to complete a single bench press. Raises Strength and Spirit

Squats (Easy)
Press O as the first dropping bar reaches the green and red area. Raises Spirit and Strength

Deadlifts (Easy)
Hit O as rapidly as possible to complete a deadlift. Raises Strength and Agility

Jump Squats (Medium)
Press the buttons as they appear on screen when the surrounding circle closes in on the button. Raises Agility and Spirit

Lat Pulldowns (Medium
As the bar lowers press L1 and R1 at the same time to stop the bar. Stopping it at the top level of green is best. Once it returns to red, press again to repeat. Raises Spirit and Agility

Seated Row (Easy)
Hold R1 to increase the bar and release it once it reaches the large red area. Raises Agility and Strength

RIZAP Meal Plan Hints

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] After every training session your trainer, Makuta, will give you a hint on what dish you should eat next to maximize the experience points you earned from your training sessions. This is not required, you can eat any meal, but it greatly increases the benefits and is well worth the time. Below is a list of hints we received from Makuta, including what food to eat and where you can buy it.

When your trainer gives you a diet hint it only pertains to the very next meal you have. Once you have completed the hint and eaten the correct food, you can return to consuming whatever takes your fancy. Just make sure, immediately after training, the next food you consume matches the hint you were given.

Dish That Contains Scallions
Kotchori Salad – Yoronotaki (South side of town)

Chicken, Breading But No Spices
Wild Fried Chicken – Wild Jackson (West side of town)

Low In Sugar, High In Protein. Pack With Lobster
Lobster Miso Soup – Sushi Gin (South side of town)

Big Hit With The Kids. Juicy Meat Cooked On A Hot Iron Plate. About 300 Grams
Wild Hamburg Steak 300g – Ikinari Steak (North of town)

Combine Veggies With Ginger
Veggie-Filled Soup – Ringer Hut

Meat & Vegetables On A Skewer
Grilled Skewers – Yoronotaki

Meal That Offers A Lot Of Vegetable Protein
Mapo Tofu – Osaka King

Rice Dish Topped With Lots Of Think Pork Slices
Chashu Rice Bowl – Kyushu No.1 Star

Dish With Veggies And Pork. Cabbage Would Be Good
Twice Cooked Pork – Osaka King

Bite-Sized Grilled Fish
Smelt Fish with Roe – Yoronotaki

Round Food That Comes With Cheese On Top
Cheese And Spicy Fish Roe – Gindaco Highball Tavern

Something From A Fast Food Place All Greens Their Smile Salad
Smile Salad – Smile Burger

Sandwich Set For Breakfast Needing Veggies, Eggs And Meat
Sandwich Set – Cafe Alps

A Meal Of Meat Only Low On Fat
Sirloin – Kanrai

Big thanks to Mich for his contributions.

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