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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Fishing Guide

Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life Fishing Guide
Once again the Yakuza franchise delivers on its reputation of fun and addictive mini-games. This Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Fishing Guide will walk you through the basics of the fishing mechanics so you can master the art of the fish.

The fishing mini-game in Yakuza 6 becomes available after you complete the first Fishing Substory. After a brief conversation you are able to take the boat out and go on fishing trips to various areas. We’ll cover the basic mechanics, how to unlock new fishing areas and how to get better fishing spears and equipment.

Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Fishing Guide – The Basics

Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life Fishing Guide - The Basics
Fishing in Yakuza 6 is basically an on-rail shooter. The game automatically moves you through each area and you have to catch fish as you progress through. You use X or R1 to fire and either O or L1 to reload. Reloading manually is faster than having the game reload automatically, which happens when you attempt to fire when you are out of ammunition.

As you move through you’ll see fish coming across your screen. Always prioritize fish that have a glowing red aura around them. These are violent fish, fish that will attempt to attack Kiryu. If you take damage, your oxygen meter depletes quicker and the amount of time you have to catch other fish is lower.

There are also Treasure Chests scattered throughout each fishing level. You’ll want to shoot these when they appear as they can offer Catch Points or additional oxygen levels when opened. Catch Points act as the experience points for Fishing. You can use them to get better rewards, increase your oxygen levels and have longer runs.

How To Unlock Better Spearguns

How To Unlock Better Spearguns
Although player skill plays a large role in your ability to complete good fishing runs, even the best fishermen struggle without the proper equipment. Better Spearguns allow you to shoot and aim faster, reload less and do more damage per shot against the different bosses you can encounter. Below is a list of the different Spearguns we’ve discovered on our travels, as well as information on how to get them. For additional details check out our Yakuza 6 Spearguns guide.

Standard Speargun
Spear Count: 4
Strength: 1
Aiming Speed: 3
Unlock: Available at the start

High-Impact Speargun
Spear Count: 3
Strength: 2
Aiming Speed: 2
Unlock: Complete Substory #47.

High-Capacity Speargun
Spear Count: 9
Strength: 1
Aiming Speed: 3
Unlock: Complete Substory #47.

Modded Speargun
Spear Count: 6
Strength: 2
Aiming Speed: 5
Unlock: Complete all fishing substories

Kiwami Speargun
Spear Count: 4
Strength: 4
Aiming Speed: 4
Unlock: Complete all Bar Conversation Substories

Ahab’s Revenge
Spear Count: 12
Strength: 3
Aiming Speed: 4
Unlock: You can buy this rod from the Black Market.

How To Unlock New Fishing Areas

How To Unlock New Fishing Areas
When you first begin your fishing journey in Yakuza 6 you only have access to one place to fish, the Azure Coast. There are a total of 3 different locations you can unlock, each housing different types of fish, rewards and more difficult boss battles. Below are the basic details on each fishing area and what you need to achieve to unlock the next.

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