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Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Location Guide

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Location Guide
Coin Lockers are stocked with rare and valuable rewards but you have to find all the keys. This Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Location Guide will tell you the location of every key for each of the Coin Lockers and includes information on where to find the lockers and what’s inside.

There are a total of 50 different Coin Lockers in Yakuza Kiwami 2. Each Coin Locker has an associated key scattered somewhere in the game world. You must first find the key before you are able to unlock the Coin Lockers and receive the prize from within. Below is a map showing the basic location of each of the Coin Locker Keys followed by a table including details on where to find each key, what chapter they are available and what’s inside the box.

I didn’t search for Coin Locker Keys until Chapter 5 but many of these are probably available a lot earlier.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Map – Kamurocho

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Map - Kamurocho

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Guide – Kamurocho

Key NumberChapter AvailableKey LocationLocker Reward
A1Chapter 5In the dead end alley past the drinks machineSwitchblade
A2Chapter 5On the floor outside Bar OasisInsecticide
A3Chapter 5Through the thin alley into the vacant lotStaminan Royale
A4Chapter 5Near the end of the road, behind a signSilver Plate
A5Chapter 5In the stoney area near the blue vehiclePlatinum Plate
B1Chapter 6Complete Substory #16: Secret Stash in Chapter 6Suspicious Video
B2Chapter 5In the back of the alley behind Serena'sToughness ZZ
B3Chapter 5Climb the stairs towards the game shop but go to the very top. It's on the floor.Sengoku Armor
B4Chapter 5In the alley just South of Club SEGAIron Pipe
B5Chapter 5On the floor in the alleyway100lb Bowling Ball
C1Chapter 5Found under a bench in the park during Substory #09Green Box
C2Chapter 5At the bottom of the stairs outside the Millennium TowerStaminan X
C3Chapter 5Outside the Chinemales store in the floorSilver Plate
C4Chapter 5Inside the park, next to a bikeBronze Plate
C5Chapter 5On the floor near the drinks machinesLamp Stand
D1Chapter 5Outside a shop front near a standing green signTrips Yokan
D2Chapter 5In the lower left corner of the Champion District Alleyways. Behind a moped. Crowbar
D3Chapter 5On the floor in the park, near the swingsToughness Light
D4Chapter 5As you enter Majima Construction take an immediate right. It's behind the trash bags10-10-1 Charm
D5Chapter 8After you gain access to Millennium Tower, take the left entrance. Straight ahead.Tauriner++
E1Chapter 5Outside the entrance of the Millennium TowerStrength Tome
E2Chapter 5In the corner of the parking lot near the large metal boxShotgun
E3Chapter 1Found on the floor on Tenkaichi Street outside of the Mahjong place.Locker Key Watcher
E4Chapter 5Found on the floor in a small gap between the buildings. Next to a blue trash canTauriner Maximum
E5Chapter 5Found on the floor in the corner of the parking lotTonfa
F1Chapter 5Small alleyway behind a building. In the far cornerPlatinum Plate
F2Chapter 8After you gain access to Millennium Tower. Head inside, jump down, up the escalators the other side. It's on the floor above.Staminan Royale
F3Chapter 5Behind the store. On the floor in front of the carGold Plate
F4Chapter 5Not far past F1. Same set of alleys.Traffic Wand
F5Chapter 5On the roof of the batting center. Stairs are at the back.Modded Iron
G1Chapter 5Found on the floor next to the taxiBronze Plate
G2Chapter 5On the floor in the middle of the squareRough Waistband
G3Chapter 5At the end of the road, in between the last group of bikesIron Club
G4Chapter 5Head into the alley directly opposite Serena's. You'll find it past the really thin partSilver Plate
G5Chapter 5Inside a storefront. It's the flashing one with purple bannersRoyal Joker Card
H1Chapter 5Walk past the Coin Lockers and head into the hall.Staminan XX
H2Chapter 5Sitting next to a homeless persons shelter on the side of the roadFighters Binding
H3Chapter 5Head up the stairs into the game shop. It's on the 3/2 landing.Light Belt
H4Chapter 5At the end of the road, not far from the Taxi.Toughness Z
H5Chapter 5In the toilets at the very North East edge of the city.Lucky Hanafuda Card
I1Chapter 5On the floor near a couple of elevatorsToughness Infinity
I2Chapter 5On the floor near Majima in Majima ConstructionBlackjack Amulet
I3Chapter 5In the alleys on the floorSalt Shaker
I4Chapter 5Walk past the Coin Lockers and head into the hall. Near the food shopBronze Plate
I5Chapter 5In the corner of the stone area, near some benchesInsulated Shirt
J1Chapter 5Inside a storefront. It's the flashing one with purple bannersLeather Bracelet
J2End of Chapter 5Inside Majima Construction. Near the stairs to the arenaBust Amulet
J3Chapter 5On the floor in the middle of the walkwayTauriner Maximum
J4Chapter 5Same underground area where you finish Substory #22: To The Dragon Palace. Crutch
J5Chapter 5Inside the store with all the pictures of girls on the wallCharm Tome

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Map – Sotenbori

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Map - Sotenbori

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Guide – Sotenbori

Key NumberChapter AvailableKey LocationLocker Reward
A1Chapter 2Down the ramp, under the bridgeStaminan XX
A2Chapter 2On the floor near the drink machinesBronze Plate
A3Chapter 2Up a small set of stairs, near a deskIllusory Tonfa
A4Chapter 2Sitting near the Andromeda sign by the CasiopeaPliers
A5Chapter 2Follow the alleyway all the way to the end.Royal Joker Card
B1Chapter 2Under the bridge at the end of the walkwayAntique Pistol
B2Chapter 2Near the waters edge, opposite the restaurantTrips Yokan
B3Chapter 2On the floor, not far from the waters edgeMetal Gloves
B4Chapter 2Sitting on the floor below a group of 6 small signsBlack Belt
B5Chapter 2Climb the stairs near the games building. It's up on the landing.Silver Plate
C1Chapter 2Inside a doorway sitting on a blue matSilver Plate
C2Chapter 2Back corner of the parking lot, by the white carAgility Tome
C3Chapter 2Sitting on the floor near the Masked BarkerTechnique Tome
C4Chapter 2Laying on the floor in the middle of the roadToughness ZZ
C5Chapter 2Sitting on the floor outside the Sun Shine ClubFluted Pole
D1Chapter 2On the floor between some bikesAppStim RX
D2Chapter 2On the floor right near the waters edgeSacrifice Stone
D3Chapter 2Climb the stairs to enter the office. It's insideToughness ZZ
D4Chapter 2Located down a small set of stairs next to the large windowsTauriner Maximum
D5Chapter 2Found on the floor just outside of CasiopeaBaseball
E1Chapter 2On the floor opposite the Kukuru Store.Staminan XX
E2Chapter 2Sitting right in the middle of Iwao BridgeAppStim Half
E3Chapter 2Up the walkway a small distance from G1. Near a couple of plantersBlackjack Amulet
E4Chapter 2Laying on the floor near a flashing signBust Amulet
E5Chapter 2At the end of the alley, past the stairs10-10-1 Charm
F1Chapter 2Under the bridge, take the stairs down.Oak Wood Katana
F2Chapter 2Located next to the escalator just inside a buildingButcher Knife
F3Chapter 2Sitting on the stairs that lead down under the bridgeTauriner Maximum
F4Chapter 2Climb the stairs to the rooftop. It's near the football goalElectric Pot
F5Chapter 2Head down a set of stairs to find it on the floorToughness ZZ
G1Chapter 2Near a couple of trash cans just past D2Gold Plate
G2Chapter 2Just before the bridge. Inside the toilets.Staminan Spark
G3Chapter 2In the middle of the walkway, by some benchesStaminan Royale
G4Chapter 2Near a boat dock side by the waters edge.Toughness Z
G5Chapter 2At the bottom of the stairs near the bridgeSpecial Police Baton
H1Chapter 2Located behind a row of shrubs. Past the entrance.Staminan X
H2Chapter 2Head down the ramp towards the store. It's on the floorBlood-Caked Chain Mail
H3Chapter 2Down some stairs near the entrance to Le MielTauriner Maximum
H4Chapter 2Near a couple of trash cans by the waters edgeModded Burner
H5Chapter 2On the floor on the very edge of the area before the red barrierToughness ZZ
I1Chapter 2Next to the food store, there's a small gap to go up some stairs. Staminan X
I2Chapter 2Take the stairs down near the entrances. Past the F5 key, at the end.Chinese Saber
I3Chapter 2Between Club SEGA and the jewelry store.Toughness Light
I4Chapter 2In front of a closed garage near the waterfrontToughness Infinity
I5Chapter 2Located inside the building, near the entrance to the games area. Ground Floor.Lucky Hanafuda Card
J1Chapter 2At the bottom of the stairs near a trash canModded Stove
J2Chapter 2Opposite the toilets, laying under a benchMilitary-Grade Bulletproof Vest
J3Chapter 2At the rear wheel of a parked carSpirit Tome
J4Chapter 10Complete Substory #47: StolenPlatinum Plate
J5Chapter 2Bottom of the stairs near a red carToughness Infinity

That completes our Yakuza Kiwami 2 Coin Locker Key Location Guide. If you need any additional help, post a comment below.

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