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You Can Get 1,000,000 XP In A Single Mission In Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV’s leveling system is an intricate combination of buffing and micro-management and when used right, can wield massive amounts of experience points. Using a select number of tricks it is possible for a mission in Chapter 8 to provide 1,000,000 experience points.

You Can Get 1,000,000 XP In A Single Mission In Final Fantasy XV

There’s a certain side mission in the game that becomes available at Chapter 8, you have to take down Formouth Garrison (Which is also the location of a piece for the flying Regalia Type-F car and a special upgradeable weapon). You can find the for in the very North East corner of the map, opposite the camp Entethina Haven. You can visit the fort at any point but you cannot launch an assault without the side mission, which is available in Chapter 8 after taking down the 2 other forts previously. Just get into close proximity for the quest to begin.

This is where you want to utilize the techniques we outlined in our fast leveling guide for Final Fantasy XV. Make sure your party is fully healed and you have plenty of magic on you. You’ll want the strongest spells you can make and a full 99 of each element to back you up. Make sure you leave 1-2 Magic Flasks free as this is where the magic happens.

Set off after you camp. You can use any of the foods that provide XP bonuses but for the massive benefits, you want the Lasagne Al Forno recipe. This provides 4,000 HP, nullifies all elemental damage and offers 100% bonus to all experience points. This is unlocked through cooking with Ignis.

Once you’re buffed up create some Thunder spells using the Expericast buff items. These include Debased Coin, Debased Silverpiece, Debased Banknote and a few other items. Combine these, using as many as possible, to create a couple of Expericast spells with 99 potency. Use these throughout the mission, especially on the last 2 boss fights for massive experience.

At the end of the mission, don’t leave. Turn around and explore the area to find more boss battles with giant mechs. Combine the experience inside and you’ll leave with nearly 500,000 experience. Head South East once you get outside for another huge robot dropped by an airship and some great experience points. Head to Galdin Quay and stay at the Inn there for 10,000 Gil to double the experience to the near 1,000,000 mark.

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  1. Eat the Maagho Lasagna meal in Altissia that gives EXP+100% buff, hunt with low level spells enhanced with 5-7 Rare Coins to LV96-99. Throw those weak spells over and over so you keep racking up EXP without killing the enemy and ending the battle. I made 1.2 Million EXP in just over an hour of fights and tripled it up in Altissia.

    I went from LV71 to LV99 with about 1.8 Mil EXP to spare. Sadly for me I only found out about this trick after I had finished the game.

    Time to replay it over again and stack those Rare Coins and hit LV99 before my first run through 😛

  2. Worth noting that you can do this literally anywhere, no point in taking on a semi-tough mission when you can just go throw those spells at trash mobs and collect the same exp.

  3. Can anyone give me an exact spell recipe for the compliment bonuses? I have a lighting spell with 99 potency and 11 debased coins it’s says Thundara x 5 153 potency with EXP bonus level 44, is that good enough?

  4. Altissia has a place that you can stay for 3x the exp, to sleep. It’s 30,000 gil. Just saying, if money isn’t an issue.

  5. I’m lvl 33 and got like 1m from just that sidequest with exp spells. ;P and I had before stored up from all quests 500k exp so 1.5m should I triple it? im at the end of chapter 8.

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